Protein-carbohydrate drink

Protein-carbohydrate drink

All we are able to make your muscles stronger, more beautiful and more noticeable, as well as to reduce the proportion of body fat with their own hands. For this, first, necessary strength training, secondly, protein-carbohydrate cocktails .

Training make our muscles work harder for this bill, and they receive a signal from the brain to urgently start the process of building muscle. However, if after exercise drink a protein-carbohydrate drink, will create the right climate conducive to the growth of muscle fibers.

Terms of preparation of protein-carbohydrate cocktails

If you decide to cook a protein-carbohydrate drink at home, it is necessary to do so in accordance with the following rules:

  1. If you are poorly digested milk, replace it with yogurt or fruit juice.
  2. Eggs can be laid and egg yolk, and without it. Here a crucial role to play is your attitude to the consumption of eggs and cholesterol is cocktails - are afraid of cholesterol , put only protein.
  3. If you want to make your cocktail and even fat-containing (as do when the food is replaced by a cocktail reception), add the 1 tsp linseed oil.

All protein-carbohydrate cocktails to be drunk in the form of slightly warmed because cold foods do not contribute to the absorption of light.

Protein-carbohydrate drink or ice cream?

The following recipe is a protein-carbohydrate cocktails will be perfect in the drying period, which took place at the hottest time of the year.


  • 400 g fat-free yogurt;
  • a handful of nuts and finely chopped apple;
  • 50 g of boiling water;
  • 12 sweetener tablets.


Dissolve in boiling water sweetener. Mix cottage cheese mixture with water, and pour all the glass of skim milk. Mix and put in the freezer.

After 2-3 hours enjoying the protein and carbohydrate in the form of a cocktail of ice cream. Importantly, do not forget your treat in the freezer - 4 hours to eat them is already difficult.

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