How to plant protein?

How to plant protein?

Members who have just discovered the sports nutrition , be sure to face the question of how to properly plant protein. In this article we will look at the recommendations made in this regard.

How to plant protein?

As a rule, on the packaging of any sports nutrition there is an instruction in which is painted in detail exactly how to not take this remedy. Sometimes, for example, when the text is not translated into Russian, and the units are listed unusual for us to understand is quite difficult. Fortunately, for all proteins have common rules.

The relative proportions should consult with your manager or specialist in sports nutrition. Usually, it is about 30 grams (one scoop) on reception.

In what proportions to plant protein?

As is known, there are no strict framework should be as fluid - only important to consider the amount of powder.

Take one standard measuring spoon powder and spread it more fluid as desired. Usually take from 250 to 500 grams of fluid. Try to choose the dosage which will appeal to your taste.

What better to plant protein?

Typically, the protein is diluted in the usual low-fat milk (1.5 - 2.5%). This is an excellent option because milk has a natural protein, calcium and lots of other useful components.

If milk is not at hand, to dissolve the protein can be in ordinary water. In the same proportion the taste of the mixture may be different, because the milk makes the product taste richer.

Whatever liquid you choose, protein shakes is best done directly in a mixer, a shaker or blender. That is how you will achieve maximum mixing the powder with the liquid, causing the body will be easier to digest drink.

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