How to make protein?

How to make protein?

Many athletes are wary of sports nutrition . This is often due to the fact that they unknowingly confuse proteins and in general all kinds of supplements with steroids, and believe that they are dangerous. Although this belief is far from the truth, and every athlete who decides which way he build muscle mass. We will look at how to make homemade protein.

How to make egg protein?

On the sports forums often you can find messages from enthusiastic beginners that they have developed a unique way of how to make a protein from eggs. As a rule, it all comes down to the fact that people simply boiled eggs without shell and filter. This product, like all others, can not be attributed to the category of the proteins in the egg because too much fat (as contained in the yolk).

The only more or less acceptable option home of egg protein - a boiled egg whites. In them, at least not have the same large number of fat. However, they need to eat a lot, because for 100 g of product accounts for only 11 grams of protein.

With that, the need of an athlete - it's 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of his body weight (ie an athlete weighing 80 kg is to be 120 grams of protein per day), this method is questionable, because the need to eat about a kilogram of cooked proteins. While sports nutrition of eggs - an isolated protein, no fat and carbohydrates, it is enough to take a day for only a few spoonfuls, diluted with water.

How to make whey protein?

Produce at home isolated whey protein is also not possible. The only more or less adequate analogue - a low-fat cottage cheese. There a lot of protein, and taking into account the low fat content of such product can replace whey protein .

100 g skim curd falls 16-18 g protein. Thus, to get the daily norm of human protein with a 70 kg (per 1.5 g protein per 1 kg of weight), 105 g of protein needed, and that about 650 grams of cheese, i.e. 3 portions. And if part of the protein derived from eggs and meat, the picture looks even more realistic.

How to make protein?

How to make protein?

Consider some recipes for homemade cocktails that you can use to build muscle:

  1. Mix in a glass of raw egg, a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of grated walnut, top to add yogurt, drink 15 minutes before your workout.
  2. Mix half a liter of 2.5% of milk, 50 grams of milk powder, egg, half a pack of low fat cottage cheese, add fruit or berry syrup (1 spoon).

Regularly taking such cocktails, and securing a proper protein diet, you will gain muscle mass effectively, without resorting to the use of sports supplements.

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