How to choose a protein?

How to choose a protein?

Currently there are tons of different sports supplements, and the newcomer is very difficult to determine with what is better to choose a protein. In this matter there is no one universal Council, in each case, you need to choose your option. We will look at different types of protein supplements and the purposes for which they should be applied.

How to choose a protein right?

In stores you can find whey protein , egg, soy, casein, mixed and even some of the less common types. To determine the order, how to choose a protein, is necessary to have general information on each species.

  1. Whey protein - a "quick" option, which gives the body a complete set of essential amino acids in a matter of minutes. It can be drunk immediately after exercise or physical activity to quickly and effectively restore muscle and give them everything they need for growth and development.
  2. Casein (milk) protein - this is an option that is digested slowly and enables gradual replenishment of the body. It is taken either at night or in lieu of the missed meal. This is the best option to lose weight without losing muscle in the volume.
  3. Soy Protein - This product is classified as slow proteins but, compared with milk option, it is quite low biological value, which means that he is not able to bring many benefits to the body. Its cost is comparatively lower than the other, but the coaches are advised to choose other options.
  4. Egg protein is called perfect, because it carries the optimal ratio of active ingredients. It occupies an intermediate niche between the "slow" and "fast" proteins, and is perfect for a variety of purposes. As a rule, the price of it is slightly higher than the others.
  5. Mixed protein - combines the advantages of several
    How to choose a protein?
    protein forms which have been described above. It can be taken at almost any time, it is versatile and suitable for different purposes.

How to choose a protein diet?

For a long time in matters of weight loss best option was considered to be casein. Now, however, the task of those seeking to lose weight, is complicated, and the question of how to select a protein for weight loss, once again relevant. This is due to the fact that opening has been made in recent years, whey protein, taken together with calcium, not less effective than the protein casein. You can solve this question is simple: in the morning and after a workout to take whey protein and calcium , and before training and before bedtime - casein. So you reach the optimal balance.

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