Soy protein

Soy protein

At present, the views at the expense of soybean protein divided. Some believe that it is most difficult for the absorption of protein, while others believe that soy protein is in no way inferior in quality and properties of other types - whey, egg or meat. It's time to find out which of these opinions is the most reasonable.

Soy Protein: Features

Soy protein has a relatively low rate of bioavailability - 74 units. This is why many bodybuilders do not consider it as the best option. A high biological value is important for the immune system, and to maintain adequate levels of nitrogen and for the supply and maintenance of muscles. Those. potentially meaning relatively lower antikatabolisticheskoe effect of soy protein.

This protein is the most popular type of contrast whey protein and his first deputy - egg protein. Their biological value is much higher.

Soy Protein: harm and cons

Soy protein has no particular popularity due to the fact that it is deficient in the sulfur-containing acid. It is a substance necessary for the correct synthesis of proteins and maintain a high level of immunity. Because of his lack of possible slowdown in production of glutathione - an important antioxidant. However, it is impossible to name all this harm, but rather flaws in the composition of soy protein.

But the real harm is likely to soy's ability to change the ratio of male and female hormones in the body. This can cause weight gain and a lot of other unwanted consequences.

Soy protein: how to make?

Due to the fact that soy protein inspires distrust, few dare to take it in its pure form. However, it has been found that it is soy protein protects the heart of an athlete, which allows all the same to leave him in the lists used sports nutrition .

Currently, the most popular scheme in which one part of the soy protein is blended two parts, and the mixture of serum taken 2-3 times a day in the usual way: in the morning, before and after exercise. In this case, you can still take casein (a slow protein) overnight to fix the effect.

Soy Protein for weight loss for women

Many women often take different sports nutrition as a replacement of conventional meals to create a calorie deficit. Of course, soy protein, in this case is quite in demand, because it is relatively more affordable and allows you to lose weight without spending big money.

One embodiment of such a diet - a rejection of the dinner in favor of protein shake. Thus it is necessary to observe the correct diet:

  1. Breakfast - a couple of eggs, vegetable salad.
  2. Lunch - vegetables + meat, fish or a bird or a portion of soup.
  3. Afternoon snack - fruit or dairy product (alternate).
    Soy protein
  4. Dinner - serving of protein shake.

The best option in this case - add evening sports training that will enhance the effect. Alternatively, you can use a protein shake as a snack, and dinner cheese or vegetables, but in this case there is a need to count calories. In order to quickly and effectively lose weight, it is necessary to adhere to the corridor in 1200-1300 calories. This will achieve the goal fastest.

Instead of soy protein in isolated form, you can always take soy or beans in their natural state, ie, as a regular food, not powder cocktail. Do not forget to control the size of food portions and refrain from high-calorie food - sweet, fatty and starchy foods. This will allow you to quickly achieve results.

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