How to drink creatine?

How to drink creatine?

Dietary supplements are very popular among athletes, we will understand today how to drink creatine .

There are a huge number of options for taking this supplement. Very popular six-day program, in which a day should eat 30 grams of powder. This number must be divided into 6 steps, i.e. 5 In the next period is necessary to reduce the dose to 10 g per day. Due to the accumulated creatine body feels much stronger and the muscles start to withstand heavy loads.

If you've never taken creatine before exercise, then you need to consider some nuances. Between consumption programs need to take a break, about 4 weeks. It is necessary that the body is not accustomed to the flow of creatine from the outside and do not oppress their own selection processes creatine.

How to use?

Each athlete's own rules of creatine supplementation, but most consumption mode is as follows: during 8 days should be consumed daily to 25 grams, after reducing the dose to 5 grams per day and receive additional 7 weeks. Then you need to repeat all over again. Even regular creatine does not guarantee a 100% result. Statistics confirm that this food additive does not affect the 30% of the athletes.

How to drink creatine?
In this case, the food additive complement the simple carbohydrates.

Now we have to figure out how to drink creatine powder. It must be dissolved in the liquid is best if it is grape juice or plain water . Do not use acidic juices. Incidentally, at the expense of water. It is necessary to drink in large quantities during the use of creatine.

There are different kinds of sports nutritional supplements that are different composition and effect on the body, so the choice depends on your individual preferences.

For general recommendations on how to drink creatine, we figured out, and then select the mode that suits you.

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