Harmful or not creatine?

Harmful or not creatine?

To date, there is a belief that a serious increase in sports and numerous training will have no effect without the inclusion in the daily diet of special supplements and sports nutrition. Creatine - one of the favorites of fans of heavy athletics and sports in general.

Creatine - a substance involved in energy metabolism. It accumulates in the skeletal muscle growth and provides it improves protein synthesis in the body. Most often it is creatine preference for young athletes.

How does creatine?

When the body of creatine with the water it gets to the muscles and stimulates their growth. There is thickening of the muscle fibers and muscle growth. Creatine also accelerates the recovery of strength and stamina, giving the athletes more time to enhanced training.

Harmful to health if creatine?

The fact that the effect on the human body creatine today remains unexplored until the end. However, there are a number of possible negative consequences of its use:

  • bloating;
  • water retention in the body;
  • digestive problems;
  • cramps and spasms;
  • acne.

As the creatine affect the potency?

Repeatedly in the Internet or in the discussions of the fighters for "the right sport," you probably noticed this phrase: "The use of creatine leads to impotence and infertility." Today it is an expression attributed to the number of myths that can scare novice bodybuilders. The use of creatine and with potency problems are not related to each other.

I also propose to get acquainted with other false opinions on the consequences of the use of the substance:

  • Creatine contributes to high blood pressure;
  • Creatine has a carcinogenic effect;
  • Creatine has a negative effect on the heart;
  • Creatine is addictive.

How long can I take creatine?

Daily Dose normalized consumption - up to 5 grams at any time convenient for you.

Harmful or not creatine?
The best formula of creatine supplementation is cyclical and compliance breaks: two weeks downloading the body substance, followed by two weeks of respite.

How do I check on the authenticity of creatine?

For your own benefit, some companies that produce creatine, mixed with different fillings, so when choosing a creatine should be extremely careful and to get it from trusted manufacturers. The powder is odorless and almost tasteless. Also pure creatine leaves a small deposit, if this does not happen - the substance is formulated with glucose and creatine content of not more than 20%.

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