Creatine capsules

Creatine capsules

Creatine - one of the most popular nutritional supplements for athletes. It gives the body more strength and energy, which is important for strength training. Creatine is essential for muscle growth, so often it is used in bodybuilding. This additive is available in capsule or powder. Let's see what are the advantages of creatine in the capsules.

advantages of capsules

  1. The speed and degree of assimilation. Since manufacturers use special chemical formula, capsules are quickly absorbed, and in full, which is an important fact.
  2. Ease of use. Very easy and convenient to spend on drink a course of creatine in capsules, as they are easy to store and carry on training, and in contrast to the powder, they do not need to somehow prepare before you drink.

Creatine is necessary to increase endurance , so it is often used athletes. If you have a daily enhanced training, the rate of creatine will be as follows: One week you need 4 times a day to consume no less than 5 grams is recommended to drink it before and after a workout. Then another 6 weeks of daily need to drink 3 g of creatine dosage depends on what result you want. The more intense the workout, the more you need supplements. There are loading and maintenance dose, the amount of the required Creatine is calculated as follows: 1 kg of body weight must be 0.3 g dietary supplement. After a few weeks the dose should be reduced.

How to use?

If you are interested than creatine drink in a capsule, it is best suited purified water or grape juice. Do not drink the juice with vitamin C, since it neutralizes the effect of food additives. To creatine capsules digested more quickly, you can take extra protein and amino acids. Thus, you will achieve the most desired results.

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