Creatine: harm

Creatine: harm

Many athletes use creatine , which helps to achieve incredible results. But let's see if creatine causes harm to the body. Statistics show that the percentage of side effects is very small, about 4%. Many experiments show only the positive effects of creatine on the body, but still there are a few exceptions.

Water retention in the body

The most common problem among athletes who use nutritional supplements. Creatine retains water, but it does not hurt. The phenomenon is absolutely normal and seemingly completely unnoticed. You can determine the amount of the excess of water only when the stand on the scales, you will not see more than 2 additional kilogram. It is not recommended to reduce the amount of liquid or drink any means to get rid of it. The liquid itself is gone as soon as you stop to use the additive.


Use of creatine may lead to dehydration. This effect arises from dehydration, because of which can suffer many metabolic processes, alkaline balance, and others. To fix this, you need to increase your daily dose of water consumed.

Creatine: harm

Stomach problems

Another consequence of the consumption of creatine - indigestion. If you use this supplement, you may experience abdominal pain and nausea. It is most often seen in the boot phase. To get rid of this, drink only high-quality creatine in capsules and reduce the total amount of consumption.

muscle Cramps

This is very rare and is associated with dehydration or heavy workouts.

As you can see, creatine intake has very few contraindications that, in comparison with a lot of advantages at all insignificant.

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