Peptides: Side Effects

Peptides: Side Effects

Peptides - not a novelty in bodybuilding. Their unique effect on the human body was seen for quite some time, and since these substances are used in the manufacture of various kinds of vaccines and drugs. Today peptides included in the medicines and cosmetics, and in the sport. The secret is simple pop peptides - they are the smallest nano-molecule that can easily penetrate into the tissue, transporting the necessary elements.

Peptides: benefits and harms

Singling out the various "pros" and "cons" of peptides, it is worth considering the cases in which it is shown to use these substances. The purpose of use of the peptides can be any item from the list:

  • functional recovery and tissue bronchopulmonary system;
  • restoration of functional activity of organs and tissues;
  • normalization of the liver and pancreas;
  • increase mental and physical performance;
  • restore functions of the cardiovascular system;
  • normalization of carbohydrate metabolism;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • slowing down the rate of aging;
  • normal levels of melatonin.

On this basis, we can speak of a multi-faceted benefits of peptides, they can bring health. Substances that help to cope with such problems, affect the body very positively. As for the damage peptides it all, usually associated with improper use of them, as well as insufficient knowledge of this matter at the present stage of development of science.

Peptides: Side Effects

Whether peptides in bodybuilding is harmful? In this area, they are used for a long time. Since the peptide is a chemically synthesized substance, identical to those that exist in the human body, they are quite acceptable.

Many athletes interested in the question - Is dangerous, and if so, how dangerous peptides? Traditionally they are used in the sport as a substance capable of stimulating growth hormone. Applied usually peptides or structural or functional.

  1. Structural peptides carry a lot of essential amino acids and help in muscle building, as well as stimulate metabolism. Such peptides are the side effects of the protein in a potential poisoning, which leads to inhibition of the liver and kidneys.
  2. Functional peptides make it easy to gain muscle mass, increasing the secretion of growth hormone, giving a very strong effect. However, a side effect of the peptides of this type is quite serious - Unexpected results. Slimming use functional peptides, in particular - glucagon (leptin), which increases the production of growth hormone several times reproach metabolism, reduces appetite and the need for sweet foods and promotes fat burning.

For all the temptation of peptides, not every athlete is ready to put on

Peptides: Side Effects
Me and experiments to find out what effect will his case. The fact that as any chemically synthesized substance on different organisms peptides affected in many different ways. That is, taking it, you can not know for sure how many times the increased secretion of growth hormone, and what the outcome will be. Two athletes who take peptides under identical conditions, can get very different results because of individual characteristics of the organism.

Take a sports nutrition or not - decides every man for himself. In general, the peptides do not have contraindications, and from the point of view of logic, do serious harm to the body can not, of course, if you follow the dosage and grass killer organism doses.

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