Why hair pushatsya?

Why hair pushatsya?

Every woman dreams of a smooth, elastic and shiny curls. But even with good care and careful, careful installation and application procedures for restoring hair sometimes it becomes similar to the dandelion. Therefore, hairdressers often wonder why hair pushatsya, hoping to prevent this unfortunate process, as well as get rid of the unnecessary volume.

Why pushatsya hair after washing?

The cause of the described problem, unfortunately, is a physiological feature hair, which can not be solved. Tendency to have a fluffy thin, light and slightly curly locks. Typically, they are non-uniform structure, whereby the concentration of moisture in different areas of the hair varies. Because of this, uneven and dry curls in the twisted around its own axis.

Of course, the heterogeneity of the structure can be acquired. Excessively frequent heat styling, perms, coloring and bleaching strands provokes the deterioration of their structure and the cross section of the tip, which leads to rapid loss of moisture through injury.

Why hair strongly pushatsya from moisture?

How dry and excess water have a negative impact on the appearance of the hairstyle. Many women suffer from the fact that, in a humid climate or during rain, snow, and their perfect styling turns into the proverbial "dandelion". The cause of the problem is the absorption of water from the hair of the environment. In turn, this again leads to an uneven distribution of moisture in the hair and, as a consequence, their twisting.

It is worth noting that not only rain and snow badly affect the appearance of curls. For them, too dry air is harmful, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight,

Why hair pushatsya?
the impact of cold winds and frost.

Why after keratin straightening hair pushatsya?

It would seem that the alignment of the strands with keratin is specifically designed to eliminate the considered defect, but some women hair starts pushitsya even after rectification. The reasons may be as follows:

  • the need to re-session;
  • individual feature hair (do not absorb keratin);
  • too damaged and split ends curls.

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