Amino acids for muscle growth

Amino acids for muscle growth

Previously, conventional wisdom that muscle mass growth - a male thing, and if there was a girl and in the gym, it is only due to the fact that she was struggling with being overweight. But times have changed and now the girls know, if the body is mainly composed of muscle, rather than adipose tissue, that have excess weight have no chance: this kind of fabric consumes more calories, which makes it possible not to accumulate fat deposits or deal effectively with them. In this regard, the amino acids for muscle recruitment became relevant and girls.

Amino acids for muscle growth

Seeing inflated human before, everyone thought that he drinks a protein shake. Now sports nutrition industry are largely grown, and several kinds of additives are used for the growth of muscle tissue. Among these amino acids and to recover and muscle growth.

If we talk about the chemical composition, the amino acid - is the basis of protein (protein). The compounds according to 22 kinds of amino acids have particular polymer chains, which are different in appearance and functions of proteins in the body. Amino acids in bodybuilding - is the next step the study of muscle growth. It used to be that, since protein is the building blocks of muscles, and it should be taken. Later studies have shown that protein shakes from (and also any food protein) in the body during digestion select amino acids which uses self muscle protein production.

In this regard, there is an and another popular misconception: proteins and amino acids to set the masses - are one and the same. However, this is not the case, and even the methods of their different effects on the body. Since the protein from the organism itself produces amino acids, even when receiving the "fast" protein takes about 3 hours for the whole chemical reaction. If you take the right amino acids, the body no longer have anything to break down, and the reaction is several times faster. It is easy to get rid of muscle pain, muscle recovery and growth.

By the way, another use for girls consists of amino acids, as compared with protein cocktail, they are very low in calories, so that even in large doses does not contribute to the emergence of adipose tissue.

When the amino acid is best taken?

Traditionally, after training amino acids bring optimum benefit - the muscles need a rapid influx of amino acids to recover, and the use of additives contributes to the rapid recovery and growth.

The best amino acids for weight set

Today, one can find the various types of additives, and decide which is best amino acids for muscles, is quite difficult. All products have their pros and cons.

Most systems sold are hydrolysates - that is, protein,

Amino acids for muscle growth
digested to peptide fragments and, in fact, the free amino acids. This material is digested almost instantly. Usually, this kind of drug is manufactured using natural ingredients. However, the maximum rate of assimilation in isolated preparations, which include those only available aminoksiloty. Minus one from them - it is almost 100% chemistry, artificially synthesized, and each body will accept them.

It should be noted that amino acids are divided into two types - Interchangeable (which organism produces itself) essential and that it may not synthesize. Recently - especially important for the body (leucine, isoleucine, valine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, lysine, histidine). Focus on coach tips and information on the packaging.

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