How to restore your hair after ironing?

How to restore your hair after ironing?

Use of ironing is now very popular, because With this device you can own, without a visit to the salon to make a different kind of styling and give a neat appearance unruly hair. But, unfortunately, frequent exposure to high temperatures is not the best way affects the state head of hair. So many of those who regularly uses utyuzhok, faced with the fact that hair is lost luster, become dry, brittle and lifeless. Is it possible to restore the burned hair after ironing, and how to do it, look at next.

How to quickly restore the hair after straightening utjuzhkom?

If your hair is damaged significantly, alas, the chances of full recovery are very small, and the former state will be seen as soon as when they grow back again. Yet some kind of hair can be improved in any way.

sparing conditions

First of all, to normalize the condition of the hair after using the ironing should be postponed for the duration of its use. It is also desirable to minimize any harmful effects on the hair:

  • drying with hot hair dryer;
  • washing hair under hard water;
  • ultraviolet solar radiation;
  • frost;
  • painting;
  • lighting, etc.

Trim the ends

Thinning posechennye tips that break off when brushing is best to immediately cut - all of them can not be equal to improve, because due to damage to the cuticle nutrients in this part of the hair will not be delayed. Recovery yield to only that part of the hair, which feels is the least rigid.

special funds

For hair care, use special shampoos, conditioners, etc. for damaged hair, and it is better if they are the most natural. It is desirable that the following components in the composition such means:

  • natural oils;
  • panthenol;
  • How to restore your hair after ironing?
  • silk proteins;
  • vitamins B and E;
  • biotin;
  • keratin ;
  • collagen.

Hair masks

Twice or three times a week should be applied medicinal homemade hair masks . Particularly suitable in this case are based on a mixture of vegetable oil, honey, gelatin, milk products.

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