Sports Nutrition: Creatine

Sports Nutrition: Creatine

Many men and even women who are seriously involved in sports, use special supplements. One of the most popular and commonly used sports nutrition is considered to creatine , the use of which we now consider.

The use of creatine

Creatine helps muscles get stronger, restores the whole body energy, but this supplement does not apply to so-called doping, and is authorized and natural substance. The body is made creatinine in the kidney, liver or pancreas. It is proved that this substance without a person can not live. Creatine is a must for a set of muscle mass many sportsmen.

It is equivalent to such important substances for health, such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and fats. Creatine uchuvstvuet in the process of muscle contraction. In the human body to be about 100 grams of creatine daily consumption that is 2 g creatine bodybuilding is necessary because during training the human body works in emergency mode.

Of course, there are foods which include creatine, such as meat or fish. But it is so small that it is advisable to use it in addition, as an additive.

The role of creatine in sports

Sports Nutrition Creatine has no side effects because it is contained in the human body initially, and modern technology is completely freed from its impurities. If you are interested in, when to use creatine before and after workouts, the best option, both before and after. It is recommended to drink plenty of water, if you decide to use it.

Creatine is also recommended for runners to increase their stamina and speed, especially on long distances. The dose for each competitor shall be calculated individually sports doctor or experienced trainer. As the creatine used in powerlifting.

Sports Nutrition: Creatine
There are even some methods of use of the food additive in this sport.

The use of creatine

To sum up, both on the human body affects the creatine sports nutrition:

  1. It helps increase muscle mass and strength of man who drinks this supplement.
  2. It works as a buffer lactic acid, which contributes to the appearance of pain in the body during exercise.
  3. It improves the body relief.
  4. It has anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Sports Nutrition Creatine can be purchased as a powder, capsules or tablets. When you select the manufacturer of the additive composition, and read consumer reviews.

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