Steroids for beginners

Steroids for beginners

Steroids are now cause a mixed assessment the experts, but it is a little reduced their popularity in certain circles. If your man - an avid bodybuilder, who never recognized "chemistry", but now decided to try, for sure it will cause you a lot of conflicting emotions. Let us consider what is steroids for beginners and something to be feared.

Steroids for beginners

Male hormone - testosterone - is produced in the human body, and is responsible for strength and endurance. Inherently, steroids - a synthetically prepared testosterone or its derivatives. It is taken to significantly improve performance in sports - as a rule, weightlifting, and to speed up the formation of a beautiful muscle.

When and how to take steroids?

Steroids are not suitable for men of all ages, but only those who are over 21 years old. In the early reception of hormonal agents may artificially stop the growth process, making the shoulders are not too wide, and the height - low. In addition, at a young age the body works very well, and the amount of testosterone produced sufficient.

It is worth noting that steroids - something unsafe, since it represents an interference with the body's hormones. That is why, whatever the age of the man, if he is a little knowledgeable about sports and sports nutrition in general, taking these drugs only under the constant supervision of professionals. If this is not possible, then this idea is better to refuse absolutely, because the harm from it can be more than good.

What better to take steroids?

When asked about what steroids are better, there is no single answer. Depending on what kind of need, and any side effects man arrange this range can vary substantially.

Steroids are used in two ways - either through injections (usually scares particularly women) or tablets. However, with all the convenience of oral steroids, the majority of them - gepatotoksiki, ie they are a strong poison for the liver. Moreover, their effectiveness is somewhat lower. Tablets are suitable if necessary steroids accumulate in the male, to enhance its performance, but the liver is severely affected in any way.

The injectable version of the prick in the arm and in any case not in a vein (a prick made by mistake can be fatal). Thrust into the muscle protects the liver, but is harmful to the kidneys, and sometimes quite strong.

Injection variant, in turn, is divided into two more - water and oil steroids. The first option must prick daily, and the second - 2 times a week. Inject steroids are traditionally in the gluteal muscle, but if the rate is too high, sometimes it is necessary to prick the thigh and other muscles.

Steroids for beginners

As a rule, are beginning to use steroids course for 4 weeks: 500 mg of testosterone during the 8 weeks, plus 25 mg Dianabol day. Testosterone is recommended to put on 250 mg twice a week (for example, Fri. And Sat.). Dianabol taken with food to avoid gastrointestinal disturbances.

Steroids: Consequences

Discussing the pros and cons of steroids, it is important to understand that the cons are always more, because gaining muscle, man pays for it health of the internal organs. A purchase of steroids in a non-trusted site or via the Internet and at all can lead to tragic consequences.

Ideally, before the start of the course should have a blood test, so it was easier to deal with the permissible dose. However, even this does not safeguard against the possible consequences. The most terrible thing - they appear not immediately, but later, in 10-15 years. These listings include:

Steroids for beginners
  • impotence;
  • increase in nipple and breast in males;
  • bouts of rage and aggression;
  • acne on the face and body;
  • premature baldness;
  • increase in pressure;
  • depression.

Steroids - this is a very serious step, and sometimes only help close man helps make the right choice in this difficult matter.

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