Peptides in sport

Peptides in sport

Maintain a healthy lifestyle has become very fashionable. It is fashionable to do a photo session in the gym, post pictures on social networks about how "a lot of training and was very tired." In the same social networks are very active promotion of various types of sports nutrition and anabolic steroids. If anabolic steroids prohibited by law, then there is a category of sports nutrition, which is not officially banned, but has a similar effect on the body. This - the peptides. Today we look at the value of peptides for muscle growth.

Peptides - what is it?

Peptides - natural or synthetic substances composed of amino acids. Variations myriad of connections, so you can pick up a preparation for the regulation of all bodily functions. Most often, the peptides used by athletes for muscle growth and fat burning . Pauerliftinge peptides used as an alternative to steroids. Unlike the latter, the peptides are not prohibited by law, they are very difficult to detect in doping samples, because these substances have a small half-life and eliminated from the body fairly quickly. At the same time, these additives help to enhance athletic performance, when the body seemed to have done all he could.

It's not all positive aspects of the use of peptides for athletes. Firstly, they can be free to order and buy, without having to worry about prosecution. Secondly, the rate of such drugs is much cheaper (several times) the course of anabolic steroids.

After the introduction of peptides into the body trigger the production of certain hormones which are responsible for certain functions of the body. Hormone production may start immediately after injection, with a maximum at this time. There is also a variety of peptides, which are organized by the release of hormones in the blood is not at the same time, and increase the peak phase of the activity of the organism.

For example, consider the use of such substances to increase the concentration of growth hormone. In the first case, the maximum amount of hormone in the blood plasma after administration is achieved, usually within 20 minutes. In the second case, the drug is not hit by diurnal cycles of hormone, but corrects them. Therefore, the maximum amount will be fixed during the night, about an hour after falling asleep.

Therefore, the value of the peptides for athletes performing tremendously: it is relatively cheap, is not monitored at the doping control and gives excellent results when the body has reached its natural maximum. The question is whether to use peptides to people not involved in the sport.

Sports Nutrition: peptides

Such a substance, as peptides, has many positive properties and qualities, which actively promoted and take root in the minds of the population. However, it says nothing about the harm and side effects. When deciding to start using peptides sports, you must be aware that the contraindications and side effects have any substance, even in St. John's wort and valerian. Therefore it is best before taking such drugs and drawing course consult with your doctor. It was a doctor, not a coach.

Note that of the 20 known amino acids can be synthesized in a myriad of products, each of which will have different effects on the organism. For example, there are peptides for the force to better recovery, for greater endurance for fat burning and weight loss. Of course, for women peptides should be different than for men. Because wrongly chosen sports nutrition can trigger the release of estrogen in men (female sex hormone) - is fraught with gynecomastia. And women overabundance of testosterone and leads to excessive hair growth, deepening of the voice, and other unpleasant things.

Basically, the peptides are used in the iron sport.

Peptides in sport
This category includes powerlifting and bodybuilding. Peptides for performing athletes and their dosage are chosen strictly individual doctor-specialist. However, almost none of the athletes is not recognized in the use of such additives.

Development of body hormones - very thin and poorly understood area of medicine, and even the experienced specialist is not immune from mistakes and unintended consequences of using peptides. In addition, all people are completely different, and that is a good one, can cause serious trouble in another.

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