Sports nutrition for girls

Sports nutrition for girls

If earlier it was believed that sports nutrition designed specifically for men, but now, when women have long taken a strong position and sport, manufacturers are striving to meet their needs. Today, despite the fact that many are still afraid of "chemistry", sports nutrition for women no longer seems to be something quite unusual - on the contrary, it is quite in demand.

Proper sports nutrition for women

Because a woman's body is arranged differently than the male body, sports nutrition will also be different - and dosage and composition. In addition, not all supplements that are necessary for men to be popular with the girls - after training goals are, as a rule, different. If a man is - a set of muscle mass and a nice relief for the girls often - weight loss and reduction in muscle tone, as well as changes in body composition in the crawl muscle tissue instead of fat.

Consider the best sports nutrition for women:

  1. . Protein Protein - is the second title of the protein, and the protein is the major building blocks for muscle. Generally, it is taken by those who want to gain muscle mass or to replace its existing fat. In the first case protein shakes are added to the main power supply, in the second they replace some meals. Sometimes it is used, and in order to lose weight, but then cut back the basic diet.
  2. Amino acids . This type of sports nutrition take the same purposes as the proteins, however, women are not so important to the rapid recovery of muscles, because, as a rule, they are not as intense exercise and do not tend to bulk muscles.
  3. Vitamins. Sports nutrition for women of such a plan are in high demand, because during intense workouts mineral reserves person quickly exudes. Moreover, unlike conventional pharmaceutical complexes is here included substances that need the athlete, not the average person. However, if you have a balanced diet, in which there are grains, vegetables, fruits and meat, this supplement does not apply.
  4. Collagen. To make the skin and joints of collagen , which is relevant both at the sharp weight loss, and in extreme stresses. Should I take it specifically you tell a coach or a sports doctor.
  5. Weight loss. This is the actual supplement for women, because it is with the fair sex the body is designed so that body fat is easily stored and is very difficult to disappear. However, not every fat burner will effect: because of the increased demand for this category are often found fake. It is necessary to acquire such means only on the advice of a trainer or sports doctor (probably advise you to L-carnitine) and only in the audited stores.

Do not forget that you can always opt for natural sports nutrition. Instead of proteins to eat chicken, fish and cheese instead of vitamins - berries, fruits and vegetables, and instead of fat burner - coffee.

How to choose the sports nutrition?

To select the sports nutrition you need to consult a doctor or trainer. Taking such drugs without authorization is not recommended because you can bring the body more harm than good. Additionally, such additives should be avoided:

  1. Gainers. This product is not suitable for every man, not to mention the girls. It's too high in calories, so
    Sports nutrition for girls
    always great chance to get a layer of subcutaneous fat.
  2. Anabolic. Few women dare to prick anabolic steroids (male hormones), but there are others. Such interference in the hormones can result in deplorable health of the whole organism.
  3. . Creatine This supplement narrow specialization - it is only necessary to set power, and unless you are doing weight training, there is no need for creatine.

On the question of whether sports nutrition bad, you can go back indefinitely, because the single opinion on this score there are no experts. The decision takes every man for himself.

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