How to take BCAA?

How to take BCAA?

Man - a creature of protein nature, and proteins are known to be composed of amino acids. In turn, the amino acid may be essential and nonessential. Essential amino acids the human body synthesizes independently of other trace elements. Essential amino acids, we can only get to the food, or - food additives. In nature, there are nine essential amino acids, three of them - part of the BCAA.

BCAA - this is not a commercial name of the drug to bodybuilders, but only, the English abbreviation, which translates as branched chain amino acids. Our muscles to consist of 35% BCAA, namely from isoleucine, leucine and valine. With the popularization of various dietary supplements, vitamin and protein shakes, society was divided in their opinion on those who - for, and who - against. Many athletes or simply, women who wish to get rid of excess fat, lost in doubt and do not know how to take BCAA and whether to do it at all. In this article we will look at all aspects of administration, benefits and risks of the use of BCAA.

BCAA during exercise

As mentioned above, BCAA is the three essential amino acids. When we actively train our body starts katabolitichesky, that is - the destructive process of muscle tissue in order to get more energy we expend while training. As a result, practicing regularly for a few hours, we do not see external results. Muscle mass does not increase, because it is destroyed during training.

Here's a vicious circle turns. Here we come to the aid of the best BCAA. In order to have our organism there was no need to "samopozhiranii", we must personally enter the amino acids that not only will protect us from the catabolism of muscles, but also help to effectively burn body fat and build muscle.

The most appropriate time for receiving BCAA - before, during and immediately after exercise. The optimal single dose of 4-8 grams. During training it is best upotrebyat energy drink by dissolving a portion of amino acids and a few spoonfuls of sugar in water. This will ensure a constant supply of liquid, carbohydrates and amino acids into the blood during the entire workout.

Also it recommends taking BCAA immediately after sleep, to suppress morning catabolism (muscle breakdown).

BCAA during weight loss

One more example. Wanting to lose weight, you are severely limiting carbohydrate intake, because every girl knows that the sweet fattening. However, with the loss of carbohydrates, you also lose the power to exercise, get lazy. In addition, the body synthesizes glucose from vital element - glycogen. His absence is a cause of fatigue, and for their own needs, the body begins to again break down muscle tissue. And the result will be similar to the previous example. Therefore, it is worth taking BCAA - rhetorical question, because we are so constantly take their food during the meal. However, to meet the needs of the body, it should be "fed" from additional sources.

Eat BCAA diet is necessary in the same way as in the building of muscle mass.

BCAA forms and dosages

food additives market is filled with a variety of manufacturers and their products. This plethora complicates our choice. But even more confusing is a stereotype that BCAA - is exclusively male supplement. And, meanwhile, in the female body, each second occurs twice biochemical processes than in men. Many of us are wondering - how and how much to take BCAA girl. Firstly, the dose is determined depending on the sex, per kilogram of weight. 50 kg need for isoleucine, leucine and valine is - 1800 mg, 900 mg, 900 mg respectively. Calculate the required dose of each will own.

BCAA available in powder, tablets, capsules and liquids. Of course, the latter option is preferable, because in liquid form and the assimilation process is faster and more efficient. How to take BCAA capsules can be read on the package, because each manufacturer himself determines the number of amino acids in one capsule. That is, if the package is written in one capsule - 500 mg lecithins, based on the above ratio, we calculate the amount of leucine and then the other two amino acids.

How to take BCAA tablets and powder is also possible to learn from the recommendations of the specific manufacturer. In respect of tablets, the dose can be calculated as in example capsules. The powder is better to take a teaspoon and drink water. Given the bitter taste of BCAA's, it is not necessary to plant the powder with water or vitamin cocktail, as the thrill of drinking this drink will be terrible. Better quickly and do not hesitate to swallow.

To learn how to drink BCAA tablets and capsules, it is written much, and all the answers are correct, because every body is unique, and if someone likes to wash down with water and other vitamins cocktail - it does not mean that one of the two is not right . However, scientists recommend to wash down amino acids BCAA juices because fructose stimulates the production of insulin, which has beneficial effects on the uptake of amino acids.

So, how much to take BCAA woman we dealt with. Now let's talk about the time of reception. According to experts, the daily dose should be divided into three stages: before, during and after workouts. However, how to take BCAA woman who does not want to reach the top of bodybuilders and professional athletes? If your workouts are not daily, but you want to be in good shape and have a beautiful figure, in those days,

How to take BCAA?
when you do not exercise, go to the reception mode BCAA during recreation. That is, take a third dose of sports in the morning. This will prevent the muscles over which you so sweat in the hall, and slow the catabolism.

I hope I was able to answer your questions and to dispel doubts as to how to take BCAA and whether to do it at all. However, carried away by BAA-s, do not score on their dietary intake. Look for BCAA, not only in sports nutrition stores, but also in meat, dairy products, nuts, beans and grains. Only a comprehensive approach will make you stunningly beautiful and healthy!

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