What is the creatine?

What is the creatine?

Creatine - an organic compound, which is directly involved in energy metabolism in muscle and nerve cells. Its existence was discovered 160 years ago is still in our body. Creatine is synthesized in the kidney, liver and pancreas, and then delivered through the blood to the muscles. But already his muscles stock up and use as an energy source. Creatine is needed by us during any exercise, movement, and indeed, of existence.

Creatine is also called a warehouse of energy in our body, or muscle fuel. It increases endurance and promotes greater efficiency. The more it is produced by our body, the more energy it releases. What is the creatine is best known sportsmen. After all, for them the muscles play a particularly important role.

The more creatine we get from food. The more we get, the more your body will provide energy. But nature intended so that the approximate amount of creatine, which is synthesized in the human body, is 2 grams daily.

This is sufficient for normal life, but not enough to accomplish feats. That is why creatine is used in the form of dietary supplements in people who practice sports, mostly in bodybuilding.

This is another function of creatine - it retains water and increases the volume of muscle cells. In this way, the muscles look better and are more receptive to training. Therefore, the athletes used creatine for a set of muscle mass. Another effect of creatine in our body is due to containment isolation of lactic acid. And that's just it, and causes a burning sensation in the muscles when we had a long habit or doing exercises. Accordingly, creatine helps to recover faster after training and again to start the exercises.

Creatine is considered as adjuvant to diet. This was proved by studies of American Scientists. By increasing the effectiveness of training using creatine occurs as soon as possible the burning of fat cells and weight loss.

Where is contained creatine?

As already mentioned, creatine we get together with food. But not with anyone. There are products in which the creatine content above. It is important to know not only the athletes, but also people who lead active lifestyles. What is the creatine, we have identified. And he needed not only to athletes. Now a little bit about where he is. After all, to improve the vigor is better to use natural sources of creatine.

The greatest amount of creatine containing products of animal origin: meat, fish, dairy products. For example, to get 2 grams of creatine, you need to eat once a pound of beef, or pork 400 grams, or 600 grams of cod, well, or 200 g of herring. Of course, creatine is absorbed better with food combinations. But now it becomes clear why the men are actively engaged in the gym, so lean on meat. But to make up for supply of Creatine with a vigorous workout, you just need to overeat. Thus, creatine is most commonly used as an additive in pure form. Those who do not want to build muscle, this form of creatine supplementation to anything.

Of course, many of us lead sedentary lifestyles. Therefore, the body does not require large amounts of energy and, accordingly, there is no need for creatine. Because creatine occurs in conjunction with exercise.

Although creatine many people associate with the male half, for women its consumption is also not meaningless. Scientific studies have shown that the effects of creatine on the body of men more tangible than its effect on the female body.

What is the creatine?
This is caused by testosterone . But we already know that creatine helps to maintain muscle tone and as well as during the weight loss, maintains muscle mass is normal. And this is important. After all, when we lose weight, it suffers not only fatty tissue, but also muscle.

But using creatine to form the figure, it is worth remembering that even the athletes during intensive physical activity, excess creatine may cause side effects . And doctors recommend to supply your body with additional creatine only in the case of active physical training.

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