How to take arginine?

How to take arginine?

Arginine - a conditionally-essential amino acid . This means that the organism is able to synthesize it, but under certain conditions and in small quantities. Arginine is not developed in children, as well as its synthesis is slowed down to 40 years. In the absence of one of the 20 amino acids that occur in the body begin to fail, increased susceptibility to infections, and genetic diseases manifested. Arginine is the main component of the synthesis of nitric oxide, and that in turn has a number of important functions in excess of our body. Including: regulates blood pressure, reduces the production of stress hormones and increases growth hormone programs the defective cells to die, that is - protects against cancer, has a regenerative function, and actively and positively affect the urogenital system of both sexes.

From the above it can be concluded that the arginine, not only for the preparation bodybuilders. Arginine for women - it is not self-indulgence, but a necessity. After all, in the body, anyhow, it consists of protein and amino acids - its components. Arginine daily rate for adult - 6.1 g, regardless of gender. How to take L-arginine, we will consider further.

Arginine and growth

Arginine for girls - this is, above all, growth hormone. To enable this process, take arginine at night, because at this time of the day we are growing. In addition, arginine is recommended to drink on an empty stomach, or for 5 hours after a fatty meal. Arginine and fat - it antagonists. Fatty foods will negate any effect of arginine.

Arginine with loads of sports

To learn how to drink arginine woman who is actively involved in sports, too, can say a few slov.Kak known to all sports supplements should be taken before a workout . Arginine - is no exception, but we should do it for 45-60 minutes before the start of classes. Because it was an hour later, arginine is synthesized from nitrogen oxide, and as a result, the muscles will receive more

How to take arginine?
nutrients as nitrogen oxide due to the vessels expand and oxygenate the body.

Arginine capsules

The most convenient form of arginine release - the capsule. They should take 1-2 pcs., Depending on the dosage. In any case, as taken in capsules arginine, written on the package and its own dose can be calculated independently - 115 mg per 1 kg weight. I think that reticence on how and when to drink arginine Arginine is best taken left. And to buy these supplements should be only in pharmacies and specialized points of sales of sports nutrition.

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