Gainer: side effects

Gainer: side effects

Gainer in its composition does not differ from the food, because gainer - is a dietary supplement that consists of protein-carbohydrate mixture, and sometimes with vitamin and amino acid supplements, but this is at the discretion of the manufacturer. That is, if you take weight gainer, the side effects will be manifested in the form of ordinary food poisoning. Gainer take quick recruitment of muscle mass, but the main condition for acceptance is the lack of an athlete diseases, since any health problem in addition to the high-calorie supplement may contribute to harm gainer on the body.


Perhaps there is no person in this world who would not faced with food poisoning. What are the causes of such poisoning? Either it - intolerance of a product or consumption of excessive quantities or the product was spoiled or stale. Same thing with the damage gainer. If you, in spite of the recommendations of the manufacturer on the package, took a larger dose gainer, do not be surprised that there will be consequences. Since this food additive contains a large amount of proteins and carbohydrates, subsequently, may occur, for example, protein poisoning, which is a huge load on the kidneys.

Cheap Creatine

Gainer - one of the first dietary supplements in the history of bodybuilding. Previously it was made of cheap and dubious ingredients. Today, however, can also be found Creatine, which differ suspiciously low price. If you are tempted by this, forget about the question - is there any harm from gainer. When you buy cheap food, a la fast food, you think about your health? Here, the same. Cheap carbohydrates can adversely affect the metabolism, as a result, may have urinary retention, and for people with a heart problem (and especially hypertension!) - This is very dangerous.

Gainer and women
Gainer: side effects

But you are probably most interested in, whether gainer harmful to women's health. Given that women fat mass characterized by more than muscle, and subcutaneous fat is formed faster than in men taking over gainer worth considering. Indeed, as mentioned earlier - it is high-calorie supplement and if you have any doubts about what you are able to use up all the calories in training, it is better to limit the protein. Otherwise, the risk with good intentions do not build muscle and stomach.

Gainer is recommended to take people to lean, with fast metabolic processes, their fat mass is not going to. And people with slow digestion, tendency to gain weight, it is better, indeed dwell on the casein or whey protein.

Gainer for teens

Very many parents wonder if gainer for teenagers is harmful. The answer will be the same as for the question whether gainer for women is bad. During adolescence, most children are very strongly typed weight (especially in girls 13 - 14 years), and the skeleton does not have time for it. Therefore, in this period, the majority of girls overweight. Now consider what would happen if they also add protein with carbohydrates. Active exercise and a balanced diet - what you need for the teen.

Gainer: side effects
What can replace the gainer?

If you are still undecided whether gainer is harmful or not, let's talk specifically about the composition. Many manufacturers use soy proteins for the manufacture of gainer. Frankly speaking - it is not the most useful for your body. And about carbohydrates, they say that Gainer contains some special carbohydrates . Nothing like this. These carbohydrates are a group of easily-digestible, and are no different from those in the buns. Therefore, it will be reasonable to stay on the protein that contains high-quality protein and to replenish carbohydrates, eat a bun or something from complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal.

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