What is the best creatine?

What is the best creatine?

In the body, each person runs the synthesis of creatine - a substance that is involved in the energy. However, if the body is overloaded because of the exercise, the right amount of this substance has no time to be developed. In this case it provides an excellent effect of creatine, which is taken as a sports supplement.

What makes creatine?

There are several options for getting creatine, which is used modern manufacturers of sports supplements:

  1. Red meat and fish . At one kilogram of such products accounted for 6 grams of creatine, but even this small amount is among the leading power: in other creatine products even less. Now the method is practically not used.
  2. Sarcosine. This substance is released from monochloroacetic acid and methylamine.
  3. Tsianomid. This tool is used in the treatment of alcoholism, and many other diseases and also out of it can be obtained and creatine.

Besides manufacturers often use various additives - water, esters, alkali phosphates, etc.

What is the best creatine?

It is believed that the best creatine - creatine clean, free of impurities by 99.5%. That is why, if you think what creatine choose CreaPure company should be in your priority list. Buying such a product, you can be sure of its quality. In addition, a list of the best manufacturers of Creatine can enable Universal, Weider, Multipower, Inkospor and others.

Unfortunately, at present the only sure way of how to check the quality of creatine - try it and evaluate action. However, if you purchase a well-established brand, you're unlikely to be disappointed.

What is the best creatine?

Speaking about the differences between the capsules and the powder, the degree of impact on the body is no difference, which one substance in the same. Capsules are convenient to take with you, and do not need to be diluted with water, and because of the use of shells, they are usually more expensive powder.

Best Creatine with transport system

Creatine - already quite mature invention. That is why more and more often you can hear right now that this tool has become obsolete due to the low digestibility. As an alternative, many companies offer products with the transport matrix. However, due to the fact that these products are very much real and clinical trials in the public domain there is little, it is very difficult to distinguish effective from the novelty of the product useless.

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