Weight loss for women

Weight loss for women

Many women perceive as special fat burners pills to burn fat, which are created for the lazy: they can eat and lose weight, nothing without doing. Of course, this is a misconception, as fat burners for women came to us from the world of sport, which means that their technique requires work on oneself, and that includes regular physical activity, and dietary restrictions.

The preparations for burning fat

All means for burning fat is conveniently divided into three categories, which differ in properties, orientation and other qualities. So, accelerate fat burning, you can use the following means:

1. Sporting fat burners for women. Such fat burners promote active transfer of fat into energy, as simplify the conclusion of glycerol from fat cells. Usually this is accompanied by sweating, as there is a thermogenic effect.

Best fat burners for women can solve just four objectives:

  • accelerate metabolism, which even at rest produces significant energy losses;
  • filling the free energy of the body, which allows more flat out in training.
  • strengthening consumption of fat reserves directly during exercise;
  • appetite suppression.

These drugs can be bought in specialized sports stores. Most are strictly prohibited for diabetics, hypertensive patients, pregnant women and people with any allergies. Effective fat burning while requiring physical exertion.

2. Pharmaceutical Supplements. Pharmaceutical Supplements are also designed to enhance the fat burning process and often imitate the popular sporting options. Another type of drug burns fat directly into the digestive tract by blocking the digestion of lipids or carbohydrates from the diet. It is easy to guess that the way calorie intake falls. This group includes: chitosan, alpha-amylase, orlistat, Supplements-blockers, drugs bromelain.

3. Medications with lipolytic effect Pharmacology -. It is the most insecure way to burn fat in the body. It is worth noting that most of the drugs of this type are prohibited in the territory of our country and cause a lot of unpleasant side effects. This category of fat burners for women include such drugs:

  • a mixture of aspirin, ephedrine, caffeine or ECA. This preparation speeds up the metabolism, suppresses the appetite and increases the pressure. It is important to understand that ephedrine - drug substance and preparations on its basis can cause tremor of limbs, psychosis, tachycardia, and even sudden death syndrome;
  • Weight loss for women
  • sibutramine (lindaksa, Merida, etc.) - it is a psychoactive drug that is designed to suppress the appetite center of the brain (the very attractive women, do not require a special diet for fat burning). The drug is banned in the US and many European countries, because destroys the liver and cardiovascular system - in fact, causing irreparable harm to the overall health;
  • thyroxine - a drug is a synthetic thyroid hormone, ie, It speeds up the metabolism, but it inhibits the natural function of the body. It is very dangerous for health.

Summarizing these data, it is easy to understand that fat burners help to lose weight, but often at the expense of their own health. Of course, it is tempting to simply take slimming pills, but it hardly seems as enjoyable, if there is awareness of the irreparable harm that this kind of drugs can bring to the body. Weight loss for women - only an additional measure, and exercise and diet at the same time are also important for achieving results. And if you're ready to sport and nutrition, probably no pill you do not need.

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