Morning jogging to lose weight

Morning jogging to lose weight

If you have long been looking at the surrounding runners with envy, it's time to put on shoes running shoes and hit the road for the health. Typically, running select the most appropriate people - it is unequivocally useful way to lose weight, this is a positive impact on your health, add a couple of good habits (like breakfast in the morning and the rapid ascent). Once you have decided to run, pay attention to the benefits of jogging, for the morning - this is the part of the day, we are able to extend the waking up earlier.

Suitable for jogging in the morning?

Morning jogging may be correct and, therefore, useful when waking up in the morning do not cause you suffering. You know very well, "owl" you or "bird". If the most active part of the day for you - it is night, it is not necessary to scoff at his body rises with the roosters.

If you are an early bird, but lost the habit of waking neither light nor dawn, we recommend that you start running at the weekend or on vacation. Wake up without an alarm clock, get up, take a shower, drink a glass of kefir, and 30 minutes after waking up go for a jog.

Calculate how much you have all it takes, including, and on the recovery process after a run. It was so early and you need to wake up on weekdays for jogging to lose weight.

Morning jogging - how to run?

One of the most pressing issues - how to run. In a week you need to run a total of 2 hours. It is to be divided into 3 or 4 sets, that is, it is possible to run four days a week for 30 minutes, or 3 minutes 40 times.

To eat or not to eat - that is the question?

Many are trying to run in the morning on an empty stomach - as it were, it is easier to run by. Of course, a sense of euphoria while running can prevent hunger, but it is not useful. Before you run you need to drink a glass of water and eat something light - a glass of kefir , yogurt, a piece of fruit.

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