Diet diary

Diet diary

Women are always trying to get rid of the main problem - overweight and therefore resort to various methods of losing weight. Sport activities, the use of food supplements, diet , hunger, on that just do not go the fairer sex to be slim. There is a way that will help to make more effective than any method of struggle against excess weight - is keeping dietary diary.

What is the diet diary?

This book, or online diary, where people always fixed everything associated with your weight loss process. This program can be created by a physician, the schedule of weight loss, exercise and description eaten for a day of food, its calorie content, in short, everything that you do in order to leave overweight.

All these records can help you organize proper and healthy diet, and develop their own weight loss methods.

What you need to write in the diet diary?

To begin with, Entries should describe your current settings: weight, hip coverage, chest and waist. Weight desirable to fix every day, and other data can be measured and recorded, for example, a few times a week, depending on how many runs your diet. It is also recommended to indicate in the diary level of blood sugar (this will help you special devices), blood pressure and pulse. Be sure to keep a record of what you eat throughout the day.

Today on the Internet there are many forums where discussion blogs on various slimming diets, there are like-minded people, share experiences, give advice, and to many it is much helps. Also, make a diet diary can be directly on the Internet, many websites offering such services. But no matter what form of diary you choose, the main thing - not to delay the case, and then the result that you aspire to be much more effective.

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