Basics of a healthy lifestyle

Basics of a healthy lifestyle

Today's reality - the era of stress and the mad race for financial independence, well-being. Every day a person waiting for "gifts" of fate in the form of various diseases such as mental and physical character. In this case, there can be no question of a healthy lifestyle , which is recommended to follow the basics of each individual.

Why do we need a healthy lifestyle?

Before proceeding to the main elements of a healthy lifestyle, it should be noted that recent studies of health care organizations across Europe and the United States, gave the following results:

  1. 55%. Longevity and health of each person depends on a certain lifestyle in which diet plays a major role.
  2. 20%. In this case, the excellent state of health may depend on genes. Let's just say that a person is sick no more than a few times a year - is nothing but as a gift to the parents to the child.
  3. 15%. Ecology also has an impact on human health.
  4. 10%. As statistics show, the health authorities have little effect on longevity and health.

Stick to the basics of a healthy lifestyle means not only to protect themselves from the disease of the century (cancer, cardiovascular disease and so on.), But also to eliminate the appearance of various infections, strengthen your immune system, which will enjoy every vital moment to the full, forget about fatigue and pain.

Elements of a healthy lifestyle

  1. Physical activity. Here we will focus on the correct load, unable to harm the body. Thus they should be regular. These include: fitness, yoga. If it is catastrophically do not have time enough to give preference to the active form of leisure and more walking.
  2. Medical aid. There are two categories of people: those who at the slightest pain to seek professional help, and those who say every day, "and maybe more stops." You should never delay treatment or even a trip to the doctor for advice. It is advisable to learn the basics of rendering itself first aid.
  3. Integrated power supply. "You - what you eat." No wonder this saying there is not the first century. Mankind has long been aware of the fact that good nutrition allows you to stay in good shape. Moreover, it should be 3-4 times a day, in small portions, comprising cereals, fruit, vegetables, juices and fortified.
  4. Addictions. Smoking, alcohol, etc. not in any way a beneficial effect on health.
  5. Stress resistance. Generating a stamina, learning techniques to help cope with the fast pace of modern life and its consequences, to establish emotional balance - all that helps to keep normal mental health.
  6. Immunity. The ability to quickly adapt to the environment is one of the main criteria for a healthy lifestyle. This can be achieved by douches, running through the dew and so forth.
  7. Thinking. Separately, it is worth mentioning
    Basics of a healthy lifestyle
    the relation of the individual to a variety of life events, phenomena. The phrase "Attitude determines everything" helps us to understand why life is so much trouble, or rather, why they meet this or that person in the way.

Interesting facts about healthy lifestyles

Every woman wants to have the perfect figure. So, it is enough not only to have a balanced diet , exercise daily and 2000 steps, that is 15 minutes walk.

Everyone has heard that a man is 90% water, so the day should drink at least 5 glasses of water.

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