The components of a healthy lifestyle

The components of a healthy lifestyle

His life, each person builds himself, but smart people choose a healthy lifestyle, which helps maintain mental and physical health, prolong youth. The components of a healthy lifestyle fit perfectly into the life of modern people.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle

The concept of a healthy lifestyle includes the following components:

  • healthy eating;
  • refusal of bad habits and addictions;
  • regular locomotor activity;
  • the optimum mode of work and rest;
  • personal hygiene and tempering;
  • positive outlook on life.

One of the essential foundations of a healthy way of life - nutrition, which must be balanced and complete. Eating should be fractional - small meals 4-5 times a day, the last time - for 2-3 hours before bedtime. Food is better to choose the most fresh (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, cereals, dairy products) and to expose them to a minimal heat treatment, to retain vitamins and nutrients. The food is necessary to observe moderation - excess nutrients lead to obesity.

Bad habits and health - incompatible concepts. The main motivation to abandon bad habits and healthy lifestyles - the extension of the duration of life. Toxins that people get while smoking or alcohol, poison the body and cause a lot of different diseases.

Regular exercise increases the adaptive capacity of the body, strengthen his endurance, flexibility and strength. Physical inactivity leads to obesity and the emergence of a number of diseases - hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular, endocrine and other diseases.

All kinds of stress (mental, physical, emotional) should alternate with rest. Only in this case reserves of the body will be fully restored,

The components of a healthy lifestyle
and the image of a person's life is not only healthy, but also saturated.

Hardening - another way to improve their health. Tempering procedures (air bath, douche, douche) should be carried out regularly, otherwise they lose their effectiveness. Clean skin, hair, mouth and other organs in contact with the external environment is also of great importance.

For a positive perception of life, it is desirable to reduce contact with unpleasant people, learn to relax and take pleasure in even the most minor details. Rejoice in the sun and rain, listen to soft music and reread favorite books, learn to relax using relaxation bases.

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