Zumba fitness - dance and hudey

Zumba fitness - dance and hudey

Dance direction zumba appeared thanks to a happy occasion - the famous coach and choreographer Alberto Perez forgot to ordinary music lessons, so put the disc with dance songs that found in the car. Since aerobics classes turned into a disco. And if you do not like boring workout - you can use the training program "dance and grow thin" with Zumba-Fitness!

Burning fat with the help of Zumba-Fitness

Zumba-Fitness - it's a great way to lose weight girls who love Latin American dances. This line combines aerobics, samba, salsa and other dances. The vibrant energy that prevails on zumba classes, makes women forget that they improve your body with the help of fitness - they just dance and improvise.

Additional bonuses from employment zumba - great skill to dance and feel the rhythm, the harmonious development of all muscle groups and tightened figure, great flexibility, plastic and possession of his body.

Because Zumba - a dynamic workout, it burns as many calories as you will not be able to spend in many other types of fitness. For a full hour session zumba you spend 700 calories, while aerobics, for example, you will burn about 300-500.

Zumba workout and helps strengthen the heart muscle, vascular and respiratory system, so it is recommended for people who are banned heavy power loads. However, zumba-fitness has and contraindications, including diseases of the joints and bones, some heart disease, hypertension, aggravation of neurological diseases.

What is needed for training zumba?

One zumba classes include a warm-up , learning of new dance elements and fastening mastered. Rounding out the class stretching and relaxation exercises.

To zumba brought pleasure and benefit, it is important to find the right coach. If a coach is not able to "fire" and encourage you, the classes will not go in store.

for dance fitness clothing is preferred, free and easy. Very often women put on Zumba simple sweatpants and large-sized t-shirts. But any other clothing in which you feel at ease.

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