Complex of morning gymnastics

Complex of morning gymnastics

Probably everyone at work there are some people who outrageously cheerful in the morning. How do they do it? Perhaps one of them knows firsthand about the complex morning hygienic gymnastics? In any case, the doctor excitedly repeat to us about the benefits of the implementation of the complex of morning gymnastics exercises. Regular exercise improves the digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as the work of the cerebral cortex. And for women set of morning exercises it is not only a guarantee of vitality, but also an attractive appearance. In general, the benefits of this action of the masses, it is only necessary to defeat laziness. So, ready to be healthy and vigorous the envy of all? Then we offer you the basic rules by which you can create your own set of morning exercises.

To begin with, remember the sequence, which is recommended to stick with exercise. Start with a slow running or walking, then exercises on the "stretching". After the move to the exercises, to warm up the muscles of the body, then you can begin to exercise power with or without. Next, run the slopes in different positions, squats, jumps continue to light (eg, with a rope). And in the end - quiet running or walking and exercises to restore breathing.

A sample set of exercises morning hygienic gymnastics:

  • quiet, walking with slow breaths;
  • feet are shoulder-width apart, with your right hand are drawn up and to the left, the left hand on the belt;
  • feet are shoulder-width apart on the breath go up on your toes and hands are drawn up, raising them by hand, on the exhale go down on your heels and lose heart;
  • Complex of morning gymnastics
  • feet shoulder width apart, are making slow rotation of the head;
  • feet shoulder width apart, arms parallel to the floor straighten, rotate upper body alternately left and right;
  • feet are shoulder-width apart, bend forward and backward;
  • We perform Mahi straight legs in different directions;
  • sitting on the floor, straighten legs and hands are drawn to the toes, knees straight;
  • standing on all fours on a breath to bend and raise his head, exhale round the back, and his head pressed against the chest;
  • sit on the floor, legs wide apart, reach forward and the feet alternately;
  • shoulder-width apart, making a circular motion shoulders, and then his hands;
  • crosses his arms in front of him ( "scissors") is perpendicular and parallel to the floor;
  • feet together, hands are flexed in front of chest, two scores perform jerky movements bent and straight arms;
  • not squat in a fast pace;
  • jumping on one leg and on both;
  • slow running, rolling in walking;
  • feet are shoulder-width apart, rise on your toes with hands rise up through the hand, exhale and drop the hand back on his heels.

Each exercise should be performed by two to five times, walking, running and jumping is necessary to carry out within one minute.

If you've never exercised, it is best to restrict this set of exercises. And if you feel more or less confident, you can complicate the task of performing a set of exercises morning exercises with objects (dumbbells, jump ropes, expanders, etc.).

Complex of morning gymnastics
Do you want to instill in children a useful habit - take it with you, these exercises are suitable for children. The difficulty is that interest the child. For example, in a complex of children's morning exercises, developed by L. Penzulaevoy, it emphasizes the fact that the children do the exercises more interesting information in the form of a game - you can reach up to the sun or to lean over the beautiful flower. And, of course, complex morning exercises to perform better with the music, and more fun and you baby, and not get off to the rhythm. And finally, the complex morning exercises can be performed both on the street and at home. But in the latter case, the room should be well ventilated.

Vigor and health to you!

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