Types of hardening

Types of hardening

We all know how important it is to maintain the body's immune. The best way to do this - does not receive special drugs and no warm clothing, and tempering. It - training the body's defenses, which the body will mobilize immediately at the sight of danger. This approach will allow you to stay on his feet, even if the city goes to the flu or have ill someone from home. If all types of hardening you are only familiar with pouring iced water, standing on the snow - you do not know the most basic!

Proper tempering

Below we will look at different ways of tempering, but before that try to deal with the main principles that will toughen the body, and not to harm health. Means and methods of hardening may be different, but in any of them will be useful, such simple rules:

  1. Sequence. Before starting the procedure, get a slight tempering to prepare the body: sponging, foot baths, etc.
  2. The regularity and continuity. It makes no sense to harden for 3-4 months. Quenched should be little and often - this is the most effective approach. At least twice a week. When you throw these actions, the effect of 3-4 weeks passes, and the child's body "forgets" even faster - less than a week. Quitting hardening is only in the event of illness.
  3. Gradually. If you dive without training in the hole, you're likely to catch a cold. It is necessary to gradually increase the intensity of tempering effects, but so that the body reacted to it.
  4. Variety. Do not dwell on a single method of hardening of the body, you need to use different techniques.
  5. Individual features. Please consult your doctor, since the tempering is not everyone can perceive equally well. During the procedure, do not forget about self-control, which normally should be and overall health, and pulse, and weight and appetite, and sleep.
  6. Do intervals. If one day you decide to harden and water, and air, take care of sufficiently good break.

Do not forget about a reasonable approach: if you aim to use non-traditional tempering, always assess the risks and make decisions based on that.

Types of hardening

Immediately say, that it is best to start hardening the summer. Despite the fact that winter tempering is more effective, untrained body can not accept your efforts. Consider different ways of hardening:

  1. Tempering air. Starting such hardening is necessary in a well-ventilated room at a temperature of about 16 degrees in stripped form. It is best to start with 3-5 minutes, during which not just stand and do gymnastics. In the future, it is to move to the adoption of air baths in light clothing on the street. In winter, the weather is to dress up and match the reception bath with winter sports - skiing, skating, etc.
  2. Hardening the sun. We all know that under the influence of UV rays, our body itself produces vitamin D, and improved and well-being, and mood in general.
    Types of hardening
    Take a sun bath is in the morning when the air is clean and there is no heat, or close to sunset. In the middle zone is the best time - 9-13 and 16-18 hours; but for the South - 8-11 and 17-19 hours. Start with a temperature not lower than 18-19 degrees, with 3-5 minutes and bring to the hour. Sleeping at this time is impossible. Do not forget about a cap and sunglasses to protect your head and eyes.
  3. Hardening water (including swimming). This includes a whole range of - wiping, washing, dousing, douches, taking baths and swimming in open water. The principle is the same: from the warm water, go to the cold winter and continue to harden in the bathroom, and in the summer in ponds.

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