Complex relaxation exercises

Complex relaxation exercises

When we sit, our muscles are constantly working, except that this activity does not bring us much good. Sitting for long hours on the job our muscles, keeping the position of the body, are under stress, which should be removed through exercise for relaxation.

A simple set of exercises on a relaxation takes you just 10 minutes, but will remove the fatigue of all the working hours of the day.

Exercises muscle relaxation will give the feeling of lightness, harmonize the nervous system, restore lost strength. During exercise it is important to relax and to pay attention to the breath: the movement should reflect your breath , breathe in the air should be deep in the abdomen, exhale slowly through your nose, as it were, pushing himself from all the tiredness.

A set of exercises for relaxation
  1. IP - standing, feet on width of the pelvis, feet parallel. The back is smooth, top pulled up. With breath arch your back - Open, with an exhalation - round the back, move the hands forward. Move to the rhythm of breathing, gradually increasing the amplitude and raising his arms a little higher.
  2. Open arms to the sides, collect arms above his head. Hold elbows head, hands joined. With an exhalation, bend to the right, with the breath - in the center, as you exhale - to the left, with the breath - center. Gently swinging from side to side. Return to the center, as you exhale, lower your hands.
  3. Inhale and exhale gently lean forward and down, relaxing the muscles of the back. On the inhale the reverse movement round the back. Stretch arms up, exhale, lower your arms back and twist down, then up. Make three times, then hang at the bottom, lower her hands on the floor, bend your legs and alternately rocking the body.
  4. Hold on legs back and your arms forward. Continue to walk your feet on the ground in a pose dog muzzle down. Small steps move closer to hands.
  5. Stand with feet wide, feet parallel, pushing his hands off the floor, while inhaling cave in, round the back on the exhale. Gently drop-down and rounded.
  6. Relax your body, alternately bend your knees and sway the body from side to side. Back, neck relaxed, hands free to slide as if you are drawing an infinity sign on the floor.
  7. Stay in the center, on a breath pull the chest up, exhale, move your hands towards the rear. Hands pull back, under your feet, belly direct between the thighs. Bring your hands forward in small steps back into the dog's muzzle down and continue to walk on the ground.
  8. With breath Pull out toes, bend your knees, exhale, direct the heels to the floor. Look at your hands, step right foot forward, lower the left knee to the floor. Lift the body upward with his hands clasped in the lock, pull the belly. With an exhalation, push the pelvis forward, lower the pelvis down, open the chest. Put your hands on the floor, pull back foot. Expand the right foot, turn the body over with his right hand back. Move the hand back and up - Pull out of hand. Get back into a lunge, push your hands off the floor.
  9. Go to the bar, lower your hips down, the body weight on the straight hands and toes. Rotten back, exhale chin on his chest, lowered into position on all fours, back in a pose dog muzzle down.
  10. Step in place, bending the knees and stretching his back. With the breath go out on the floor of the fingers, with an exhalation, the heels to the floor. On the inhale look at his hands, left foot stepping forward into a lunge. Lower the right knee to the floor, straighten your body with his hands clasped in the lock. Lower the hips, arms drag ago - Open the chest.
  11. Gently lower the hands to the floor, turn the left foot, twist the body. Lengthen your left hand, look at the fingers, with an inhalation hand goes up and back, pull behind his hand. Get back into a lunge, push down on the floor - leave the dog in the muzzle down.
  12. Steps in place, breath, high sex fingers, exhale - the heels on the floor. Kneel, cave to inhale, round your back as you exhale. Proceed with the wave of the spine.
  13. On the exhale, lower your chest down, his hands pulled forward. Rounded back on the exhale, arch your inhaling.
  14. Get down to the child's pose - relax.

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