Simulator "Healthy Back"

Simulator "Healthy Back"

Increasing the number of people with spinal cord injuries - the sad trend of our time. To blame sedentary lifestyle and lack of sufficient physical activity, as well as banal lack of free time to study. In this case, come to the aid trainer "Healthy back". This simple device is perfectly cope with the prevention of diseases of the spine, muscle strengthening and optimization of blood circulation in the area. Simulators for bad back can also be used in the postoperative period of rehabilitation patients, those who have suffered injuries, etc.

Unlike bulky units of the fitness room, home trainer for back and spine is compact. It is convenient to fold and store directly underneath the bed. The device is durable, flexibility, versatility and ease of use. Engage with the exerciser "Healthy Back" can be absolutely anyone, regardless of age and physical characteristics.

How does the simulator?
  1. The focus for sustainability.
  2. The main arc.
  3. Optimizer bending levels.

This simulator is recommended for spine "Healthy back"?

Simple and reliable device can be used in the presence of osteochondrosis and scoliosis . Very effective trainer for back and hernia, spinal mechanical damage, overvoltage muscular system. It can help you regain flexibility of the arms and shoulders. Contraindications have virtually no instrument, it can be used by persons with impaired physical condition, the elderly and the disabled. Applying a lot of effort in the classroom is still not necessary. It is enough to go back to the simulator, which will stretch the spine itself and stimulate the muscles.

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