simulator Bubnovskogo

simulator Bubnovskogo

CM. Bubnovsky - the creator of a unique system of treatment of diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system, kinesitherapy. The centers Bubnovskogo patients are treated on an outpatient basis non-drug, non-surgical treatment consists of physical exercise on the multifunction simulator Bubnovskogo.

What is physiotherapy?

Translated from the Latin, "physiotherapy" means the treatment of the movement. It is this belief and are based on all further treatment Bubnovskogo method. Professor Bubnovsky easy to explain and defend their opinions. Bones and joints are powered by muscles and ligaments. That is, any movement of recent activity provide increased blood flow, and thus the supply of bone tissue. If a person for a long time does not give enough time movement, the muscles and ligaments begin to atrophy, deformation occurs and a pinched blood vessels and nerves. As a result, food is broken and there is pain. It is this pain and is a reference point in the fight for health.

How does the MTB?

MTB or simulator Bubnovskogo activates the deep muscles of the spine, improves and restores joint mobility. Thanks to antigravity and decompression system, eliminates pain, relieves muscle spasms, and in the presence of spinal hernia, its size gradually decreases until disappearing.

Antigravity system means that your body (body parts) are in limbo, when all your muscles and joints are completely unloaded, they are not the force of gravity, there is a full stretch and relaxation. It exercises its kind and relieve pain syndromes.

Decompression system is to reduce the contact surfaces of joints due to stretching, thereby reducing the risk of erasing interarticular cartilage as muscle work exclusively.

Multifunctional Bubnovskogo simulator allows to maintain excellent physical shape at home, without access to the gym and work on any other simulator, as it affects the muscles of the following groups:

  • the muscles of the torso (chest and press);
  • Delta, biceps s, triceps;
  • gluteal muscles;
  • thigh muscles.

Armchair simulator

Sedentary work is a major cause of a number of diseases, as well as the first school years significantly worsen posture virtually all children. Way out will be purchasing chair Bubnovskogo simulator. It is invisible to prying eyes, and will benefit, while you just sit on it. Gymnastics on the chair Bubnovskogo help develop the muscles lumbar and sacral, muscles of the thighs and buttocks. You probably felt not just irritability, fatigue due to congestion during long sitting in the lumbar spine. Now your working day will pass quietly and with health benefits.

Where and how much to buy a mountain bike?

After such praises, you should have been interested in where to buy a simulator Bubnovskogo. They can be purchased directly at the clinic or at the manufacturer. Official partner of the center Bubnovskogo and manufacturer of exercise equipment MTB is a company InterAtletika. You have the ability to order on the internet at site or buy a trainer in one of the offices:

  • Kiev (str Melnikov, 48.);
  • Chernihiv (street Shchorsa, 4.);
  • Dnepropetrovsk (tel 0960638205, site.);
  • Lviv (street Miller, 18.);
  • Lugansk (tel 050-358-18-00.);
  • Nikolaev (Lenina, 158.);
  • Donetsk (tel 050-358-18-00.);
  • simulator Bubnovskogo
  • Kharkiv (tel 050-444-63-73.);
  • Mukachevo (str. Yaroslav the Wise, 33/1).

In Russia, you can purchase a mountain bike in the official point of sales www.KINEZIS.RF site.

Since MTB has a difference in the weight category, how exactly is a simulator Bubnovskogo better to specify on the official websites of sales. We write the approximate prices:

  • MTB-1 - from $ 1400 to $ 1600;
  • MTB-2 - from $ 2700 to $ 3000;
  • MTB-4 - from 5000 $ to 5800 $.

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