Breathing exercises for weight loss

Breathing exercises for weight loss

overweight problem familiar to many first-hand. But in recent years, scientists have literally sounding the alarm, because the number of people suffering from obesity is growing rapidly. And, unfortunately, overweight - it is not only a cosmetic defect, in the first place that the violation of the organs and systems of the body, resulting in a variety of diseases, depression, fatigue. To bring the weight to normal is not enough merely to restrict the amount of food or exhausting yourself long workouts. Approach to solving problems must be comprehensively and deliberately, healing the body from the inside. One way to restore normal functioning of the organism is breathing exercises. Lose weight with the help of breathing exercises and perhaps without dieting and without long exercise. For example, breathing exercises Strelnikova is recommended for weight loss often enough, although the main purpose of the technique is health improvement and normalization of the organs, resulting in weight and comes back to normal. Also, one of the most popular methods is breathing exercises for weight loss "Body flex", which is quite a short time has gained popularity in many countries. All respiratory complexes have their own characteristics, which are important for the correct choice in each individual case.

Breathing exercises for weight loss "Tszyanfey"

This Chinese gymnastics consists of three simple exercises that help to get rid of hunger and painlessly reduce the amount of food intake. Exercises are performed in a calm relaxed state that helps to relieve stress and strengthen the nervous system. This breathing exercises has a positive effect on overall health, and does not require much time and effort.

Breathing exercises for weight loss "Body flex"

Morning breathing exercises for weight loss "Body flex" energizes the whole day, improves performance and endurance, as well as improves the protective functions of the body. Even if for some reason have to stop classes, weight, as a rule, does not increase, and achieved volumes are stored for a long time. For those who do not have time for regular exercise, this system is convenient because the exercises can be combined with household chores, perform gymnastics portions throughout the day. There are at this gym and contraindications, so in case of serious diseases, especially cardiovascular, hypertension, problems with eyesight better to choose a different method, or to always consult with your doctor about the possibility of performing these exercises.

As the author of a technique, Greer Childers, exercises breathing exercises for weight loss "Body flex" have a strong impact on the immune system, help cleanse the body of toxins, are effective in diseases of the respiratory tract.

Breathing exercises for weight loss "Oksisayz!"

As well as the "Body flex", "Oksisayz!" Has a positive effect on health, but it has no contraindications. At the beginning of the exercises may seem complicated, but once mastered the complex exercises will not take a lot of time, which is especially useful for busy people.

Breathing exercises Strelnikova slimming

Breathing exercises for weight loss

As already mentioned, this complex has a very broad spectrum of activity and is effective not only in the fight against excess weight. The main disadvantage in the use of respiratory exercises Strelnikova for weight loss is the lack of quick results. Initially Strel'nikova not developed breathing exercises for weight loss, the main task of the exercises was to increase lung capacity and strengthen the respiratory system. But in practice it turned out that exercise reduces appetite, burns calories and accelerate metabolism, which reduces weight.

Breathing exercises help not only improve health, but also increase the energy that can cardinally change the lives of people suffering from obesity.

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