Exercises for coordination

Exercises for coordination

Coordination - is the coordinated work of the brain and muscles of the body. The Latin term coordination is "streamlining" is translated. To train a bunch of brain - the team - the movement, it is necessary to carry out exercises for coordination, because if you have not developed this skill in childhood, over it will have to work consciously.

We learn coordination is not even the first steps and the first days of life. When the child reaches handles, flipped on his stomach, he pulls his feet - he performs exercises to coordinate development. Of course, this is not enough to grow into a gymnast. But the harmonious development of a child should be continued in a more serious rate over the years - people who are engaged in sports (! Any) in the school years, always very easy to return the form in the adult years.

In other cases, to exercise their thirties women come who never did nothing, but want to learn to dance. Do not be surprised that in such a situation, you will need to perform your own applications and exercises for balance and coordination, and with great diligence. Thanks to a set of exercises for coordination in the brain to create new neural bundles. The brain remembers where you want to send a signal when you want to make a "wheel".


Here are some simple exercises to improve coordination and balance.

  1. Stand up straight, feet together, hands stretch up, exhale, lower your hands. Gather your hands at the top and follow the side bends.
  2. On the exhale, lower your arms, bring hands on the chest, on inspiration disclose hands backbends. On the exhale, return the hands to his chest. We carry several backbends and return hand in namaste.
  3. Hands on his chest, flexes and extends his arms diagonally - one arm up, the other down. On the exhale - gather hands on inspiration - flex.
  4. Stretch your arms up, exhale even body leans forward, lifting one leg at the same time horizontally. Go back to the SP on inspiration, left leg stretched out, bend the right and lifts his hands to himself. Pulling upward slope - and raise the left leg horizontally. Go back to the SP, we are attracted to the chest right knee. Carry out a few times, then linger in the slope with a raised foot, drag the hands forward, the heel back. Repeat on the other leg fixation.
  5. Stand up straight, hands on hips. Bend your right leg at the knee, pull it to the side, picking up on the sock, return to the floor. Perform alternately on both feet.
  6. Raise legs above the knee with the toe touching, turning the foot inner side of the thigh forward. Take turns on both feet.
  7. Side lunges - exhale left into a lunge, body bowed, his hands held out. On the inhale - SP, as you exhale - attack.
  8. Combining attack and upr.5. Lunging right leg back to the center, right foot on toes - to turn to the side and return to the floor. Then lunge and spread already left leg.
  9. Putting the previous exercise with upr.6 - lunges and leg turn, raised socks to knee level.
  10. On the inhale of the stretched his arms up, exhale lean forward, legs drawn to his hands and body. Rounded back go up, pull your hands over your head, omit them in namaste.

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