Consumption of calories during exercise

Consumption of calories during exercise

Although physical activity and sports are useful to promote health and general functions of the body, most women are primarily concerned about calorie consumption during exercise. Many people choose the form of physical activity is based on these indicators, so we decided to elaborate on how many calories can be lost when doing this or that sport.

Consumption of calories while running

Many choose jogging to lose weight because it is the easiest and most affordable sport that does not require much material costs, because you can run around in the park or just down the street. In addition, while running well burn calories, but the intensity of this process depends on several factors: your weight, running speed and regularity of runs. If a person weighing 50-60 kg, and runs at a speed of 6 km per hour and 30 minutes, it will burn during this time 190 calories. If a man weighs about 100 kg, the calorie loss under similar conditions is 360 kcal. While running, it should be remembered that a strong fatigue can harm the body and a person weighing 50-60 kg is better to burn at a time no more than 500 calories.

Consumption of calories when swimming

Swimming is also a great way to burn calories, which strengthens with the body and develops all muscle groups. That this sport is considered to be the least traumatic and recommended for people with any level of fitness. The intensity of burning calories when sailing depends on the body weight, the greater the weight, the more calories burned, and the type of navigation. For example, a weight of 50-60 kg and a slow sailing breaststroke hour can burn approximately 300 kcal. Slow crawl swimming burns 400 calories, and fast - about 450 kcal.

Consumption of calories on a bicycle

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, especially among young people. Many people prefer to get to work this way or just make cycling with friends. This is a great way to not only burn calories, but also improve their health and body muscles. If you do not have a conventional bicycle or you do not know how to ride it, you can always try your hand at bicycle simulator in the hall. The intensity of burning calories while cycling depends on the speed and duration of the trip, and if you ride on the air, and on the nature of the terrain. But on average, people with a weight of 60-70 kg to ride a bike around the city in an hour will burn about 280 calories, and while riding a mountain bike on a medium-difficult terrain - about 400 kcal.

Consumption of calories in the gym

In the gym, as well as at gym, calorie consumption depends primarily on the intensity and complexity of the load, the choice of exercises and training simulators. Also, as with other types of physical activity, it has a value of body weight - the larger it is, the more calories will disappear for one workout. But if you bring the average intensity of burning energy at employment, it can be divided into five levels, depending on the severity.

For women weighing 50-60 kg for 80-90 minutes at a "very low" loadings will lose 290-390 kcal, while "low" - 390-480 kcal, while the "average" load lost about 490-590 kcal,

Consumption of calories during exercise
while "high" - 590- 700 kcal, and at a "very high" load can burn 750- 900 kcal.

Calories at dances

Dancing - this is probably the most fun and enjoyable way to burn calories. Dancing can be anywhere: in the studio, in a nightclub or at home in the kitchen and at the same time to get rid of excess weight. Girl weighing 60 kg, with ballroom dancing classes will lose 240 calories per hour, ballet - 650 kcal, while disco dancing - 350 kcal.

Whatever kind of calorie burning you choose, as long as these activities bring you pleasure.

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