Personal diet

Personal diet

Have you ever thought about what a personal diet and why is it necessary? It is no secret that the various institutions of power have long had their say, and found that you need to eat. The fact that this - the average option, which does not account for the features of your body. This is especially true for people with various chronic diseases.

How to choose a personalized diet?

, It is recommended to meet with a nutritionist or an expert on healthy eating to ensure that your personal diet was really prepared for you personally. Generally, all electronic versions do not include the full range of characteristics of your body, in connection with which you will be only slightly adjusted (if at least corrected!) Version of the standard diet of proper nutrition .

Personal diet for weight loss in the classic version takes into account all the features of the body, goals and preferences of the person, excludes products that are not appropriate or cause the body's response. The whole system is built on the basis of the actual daily needs of your body particularly in calories, which is calculated by special formulas.

Making personalized diet

To make the selection of a personal diet expert, first of all, conduct a thorough survey. The list will include the following questions:

  1. Specialist know how old you are, what your body parents, whom are you more like.
  2. It is also important what you have chronic diseases, especially those associated with the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Specialist necessarily know your usual diet, to determine what your problem is.
  4. Plays an important role and how agile your lifestyle, whether you exercise,
    Personal diet
    Do you walk a lot.
  5. The next question is usually regards portability products - many Luda can not tolerate milk or have a reaction to the bread, fruit, vegetables, or something else.
  6. Further specialist finds out whether a person is a vegetarian or vegan.
  7. This is followed by general questions about preferences in food.

The more accurately and honestly you answer all the questions, the better it will be able to create a personalized diet. It is important not to miss anything in particular take into account the variety of the organism, and also mention what you personally think is important (for example, the desire to grow hair or inability to live without the sweet). This is a great option for those who do not fit the averaged power system.

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