Morning exercises for weight loss

Morning exercises for weight loss

Many disputes revolve around the morning of physical activity. We are followers of the movement at every favorable opportunity, so we offer you still allocate 15 minutes to a daily morning exercises.


Morning exercises for weight loss and morning exercise - it's not the same thing. Morning exercises done immediately after waking (and sometimes not even getting out of bed), and the morning training to be performed, has woken up the whole - 30-60 minutes after awakening.

selection of exercises

  1. The complex of exercises morning exercises should consist of moderate stress on the whole body. If you have 15 minutes, the first 5 minutes of highlight in the warm-up, strength training at 5 (moderate) and 5 of stretching and breathing recovery.
  2. Exercises for morning exercises should start with a brisk walk, passing into a run, and run with jumps.
  3. Standard morning exercises for women should include exercises for legs, buttocks and abs. Poprisedayte, lunge, kick their feet and 1-2 abdominal exercises.
  4. I finish the stretching exercises sitting on the floor.


The purpose morning gymnastics - is to deliver

Morning exercises for weight loss
you from "stagnation" in the body after a night's sleep. Good morning gymnastics activates blood circulation and lymph flow, stretches the spine and improves joint mobility. In short, doing everything to get to work full of energy and to protect you from injury, which can easily happen with relaxed muscles are not awakened from sleep.

If it so happened that morning exercise - it is the only physical activity throughout the day, your task is the selection of the most complete set of exercises. You can opt for a general developmental asanas of yoga , or dance under the invigorating music.

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