Shaping the house - a class for weight loss

Shaping the house - a class for weight loss

For weight loss, you can conduct classes in shaping the house. Regular exercise combined with proper nutrition will help to become the owner of a slim and beautiful figure and accentuate femininity . The great advantage of this sport is the direction that the shaping diet can be practiced at home with the help of video lessons. Such exercises are best performed under a merry fiery music in a dynamic pace.

Shaping Diet - exercises

To shaping exercises at home benefited and be effective, it is necessary to exercise took at least an hour. Each exercise should be repeated 20 times. Gradually, the load must be increased - reps should get more.

To correctly perform tasks require basic knowledge of exercise and proper performance of equipment. Clothing should be comfortable and as comfortable as possible. They may also be useful dumbbell, mat and chair. For home occupations may best exercises to choose from the classic shaping slimming.

  1. Back exercise. For its implementation need to lie face down on the floor, arms extended upward and also to put them on the floor. Hands should represent a 30 degree angle body. The palms of the hands facing each other. It is necessary to raise their hands up as much as possible, at the same time bending the waist.
  2. Exercise on a press. Starting position - lying on the floor, legs bent at the knees, hands behind your head removed. It is necessary to raise the body and stay at the top. Do three sets of ten repetitions.
  3. Exercise for the hips. Starting position - lying on the floor, hands behind your head removed. Right leg bent at the knee, and the left extended. Straight left leg and thigh lift off the floor so that the body was a straight line, stay in this position for a few seconds and slowly return to starting position. Perform the exercise on the other leg.

The effectiveness of the training can be checked by measuring the pulse, if for a moment you are counted more than 120 strokes - high capacity and efficiency.

The main feature of shaping is that the sport involves the development of individual programs tailored to the characteristics of each person.

Dreaming tighten stomach? Pick exercises aimed at elaboration of the upper and lower press. There is a desire to pump up the buttocks and legs - training should include squats, kick their feet, jumping.

Dance shaping slimming focused on maximum calorie burning. It is necessary to go all out in training, which is why group classes are more effective than the lessons at home alone. Thanks to mean other athletes and energetic coach, you will continue to perform the exercise, while the motivation disappears quickly at home. If you do exercise in good faith, in a week will be enough three sessions.

Classes are shaping slimming home will be more effective in combination with cosmetics: wraps, massages, contrast showers. All these give the skin elasticity and get rid of cellulite. If your workouts are at home, remember that shaping together with a proper diet for weight loss will bring excellent results.

Shaping and meals for weight loss

On the day you need to drink at least two liters of water. Fasting is also recommended to drink a glass of water with lemon juice and honey. the following products should be present in the diet: lean meat, chicken, fish, plenty of vegetables, berries and savory fruit. Eliminate from your diet fried, flour, and smoked foods, and mayonnaise with ketchup. Breakfast is sure to eat porridge - oatmeal or buckwheat.

Sweets in limited quantities can be consumed in the morning. Note also the fasting days: In addition to getting rid of extra kilos, the body is cleaned and out of all the unnecessary leaves. Does not prohibit light meatless soups.

Combine diet and exercise should be correct: 6 hours before and after school shaping not eat dairy products: milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, as well as poultry, fish and meat. For 3 hours before and after a workout is better to give up food. Then you can eat vegetables, fruits, berries in unlimited quantities. Permissible small portion of porridge. The main disadvantage of this power principle is that other sports, in addition to shaping, it does not fit.

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