Which is better - running or walking?

Which is better - running or walking?

Some people who want to bring your body in tone, thinking that the more useful: walking or running?

Running or walking?

Running is the most common and affordable sport that brings enormous benefit to man. During the blood run well supplied with oxygen, burned calories, exercise muscles and the payload carried on the heart. But it is necessary to consider that jogging can bring a lot of harm if run properly. By jogging, there is a possibility of injury, since the spine and joints have to appreciable load. Walking, in turn, is the safest form of fitness , so beginners with immature muscle is better to give preference to walking rather than running. During normal step involved only the calf muscles, while working muscles when running back, shoulders, chest, hips and buttocks.

Responding to a question, that the effective walking or running, some scientists argue that while fast walking burns more calories than when running. This is because the burning of fat depends on the specific heart rate, the optimal value of which is from 120 to 140 beats. The most effective is alternating walking and running.

Another advantage of the walk in front of a run is its relative ease. Walking home from work, you can go a few stops early and walk. For products you can not walk to a nearby store, and one that is located farther away from the house, and on your floor better up the stairs instead of the elevator.

What is better to choose - walking or running?

The better to do, everyone decides for himself. Choose is based on the level of physical fitness and health. For beginners it is recommended to start with a walk, and once the body gets used to move loads on the alternation of fast walking and jogging.

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