Weight loss program for a month

Weight loss program for a month

Lose weight need complex, mind, body and spirit. So that every cell in your body knew what was really necessary to get rid of all superfluous - especially fat. At the same time, it is imperative that the body did not feel the stress of losing weight - in fact stress is a major signal to the top of the weight savings (which we just do not have to).

So, considering all these factors, you can make a really brilliant weight loss program for a month or more, but it is better to begin with 30 days. Only very important not to be lazy and spend proper time and consideration of a plan to combat obesity - and then break the rules would be a shame.

Writing plan

As expected, a comprehensive weight loss program can be composed of banal diet. We must engage in this process and training that will not only help build muscle but also help you avoid typical weight loss pores depression. Work should start in the second week of the diet, for the first 30 minutes, then gradually, bringing employment up to an hour.

Create a plan:

  1. It is necessary to determine your ideal weight and count how many we have extra kilos.
  2. We'll have to calculate the number of calories per day, which corresponds to our needs in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and takes into account the level of activity.
  3. We draw up a diet for a week.
  4. Make up training plan.

So plan for weight loss program for 30 days is ready, it remains only to paint everything.

The ideal and overweight

There is a simple and easy formula to calculate your ideal weight:

  • height in cm-ideal weight = 110;
  • weight calculated even easier - take away from this ideal weight.
calorific value

Since we claim to be an effective program for weight loss, calories must be calculated and observed precisely, without excesses and without deficit.

It is more difficult - choose by age:

  • up to 29 years - (0,062 weight) +2,036) 239;
  • 60 years - (0,034 weight) +3,538) 239;
  • 60 years - (0,038 weight) +2,755) 239.

Next you need to count all based on your activity.

Activity in their free time:

  • lightweight - 1.4;
  • moderate - 1.5;
  • intense - 1.6.

Activity during working hours:

  • lightweight - 1.4;
  • moderate - 1.5;
  • intense - 1.6.

Those figures. Now you need to get a statistically average, between work and free time (for example, if you have a sedentary job, and training, as leisure, you need to get from the average statistical moderate and light activity).

That is, most often, it is 1.5.

Multiply the caloric content on this indicator, then subtract 500 - that is how much you need to take when it comes to weight-loss program for women.


Sample menu is as follows:

  • a glass of water on an empty stomach;
  • Breakfast - Oatmeal with broccoli, a glass of Frechet;
  • lunch - cheese, 1 orange;
  • Weight loss program for a month
  • Lunch - salad, rice, boiled chicken, 1 apple, 1 toast, green tea ;
  • Tea time - 1 banana;
  • dinner - salad of avocado with 1 slice of rye bread;
  • bedtime - yogurt.

If you still "remains" a little calories - add 10 grams of chocolate to mood.

The most important thing - this is just an example of the menu and your food should be varied each day. Therefore, alternate, enjoy and lose weight!

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