Bodyflex Marina Korpan

Bodyflex Marina Korpan

Marina Korpan - the most active promoter of technology Bodyflex at least on our continent. Life stories Marina Korpan and creator Bodyflex Greer Childers in many respects similar - both were not professionals and all that they have to move, is the desire to lose weight. By Marina Bodyflex system Korpan came by chance, after a year-long "hunger" for weight loss and more years of hospital treatment. Then the girl fell into the hands fateful book Greer Childers, which offers 15-minute breathing exercise for weight loss of those who have lost hope. Since this all started.

While Marina worked in a bank and master all the subtleties of the breath slimming with pleasure threw her sedentary schedule "from dawn to dusk", to exchange it for opening their own training hall, where to join the breathing Bodyflex Marina Korpan can be anyone.


Today, Marina is training for Bodyflex the north of Moscow and gladly contemplates the happy faces of losing weight by breathing. In parallel, she has mastered one more "oxygen" technique - oksisayz, and is constantly being improved and new orders for breathing systems by "maestro" Bodyflex - Greer Childers .


Everyone who comes to Bodyflex Marina Korpan, alas, expect easy and quick weight loss. But easily "lose weight" only as long as you are not the owner of a dozen extra kilos. Bodyflex you are engaged in, or in any other area of the gym to lose weight, you still have to join some restrictions.

Marina itself Korpan said that lose weight, anyone who mastered the breathing technique. But the snag is just that master this breathing is not so easy. After all, this is not the inhale-exhale that we use in everyday life.

breathing Technique

The most difficult exercise in Bodyflex Marina Korpan is the so-called "crotch" - that is, exhale with force. In principle, all Bodyflex breathing technique - a simple yoga, and these techniques are already many thousands of years used in yoga to massage the internal organs and cleansing the body.

Breathing consists of the following phases:

exhale - inhale - exhale - the delay of breath - inhale

Exhale 1 - should be released from the lungs of air, for it closes the lips into a tube, and exhale slowly.

Breathe 1 - closed their lips, breathe in through the nose sharply and quickly with noise. Inhale the air should be as long as the impression congested lungs.

Exhale 2 - this is the "groin". Lungs filled with air, lifts his head upward to 45. Mouth characteristic do all women movement as if smeared lipstick on her lips and a sharp exhale noisily.

Holding your breath - breathe out all the air, then, hold the breath for 10 seconds. Bottom stomach diaphragm to draw in the stomach in waves, as if trying to squeeze a tennis ball inside the spine.

2 Inhale - breathe in the usual way the air and relax your abdominal muscles.

Do not worry if the first time you all will not work. Marina Korpan admits his first set of exercises Bodyflex she also mastered with difficulty. Moreover, the "crotch" she can not do it, dizzy and started coughing. Later, she realized that, first of all, practice is important and everything will come out. And, secondly, the need to constantly to relax the muscles of the neck and head, or (as we all are when the muscles learn just straining) you will pursue the same "symptoms" - headache, cough, shortness of breath, dizziness.

Bodyflex contraindicated in people with high blood pressure in the early post surgery, after surgery, in tumors and blood clots. In addition, you can often find among the contraindications to Bodyflex Marina Korpan and pregnancy. This itself speaks Korpan contradictory, because it all depends on the condition of the pregnant woman.

If there is a risk of miscarriage if there is any danger to the health of the child and mother - of course, from the training to abstain. However, Marina herself during pregnancy more than ever needed in the movement and enrolled in a training of trainers course for training pregnant. Anyway, during pregnancy, before you go on any training, ask for advice from your doctor.

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