How to meet at the gym?

How to meet at the gym?

From the training can derive maximum benefit - and it's not just about the beautiful, trim body and an excellent mood. Single women may well use the visit to the gym as a way to meet attractive, athletic man with no bad habits. Tempting? Then drop the constraint and act!


Before trying to learn, you should prepare a little. Not all women believe that the gym - this is the place where you want to look perfect, and this is their fault. You will be much easier to learn if you are not stretched and rolled up T-shirt "sweat pants", but in a stylish and trendy tracksuit . There are many little things:

  1. Training - not a reason to come not made up. Of course, evening makeup is irrelevant, but a little mascara on the eyelashes, light eyeliner and chapstick certainly will not hurt. If you have problems with the skin - use a concealer.
  2. Many girls come to the gym with a curved tail on the back. Take the trouble to do a decent haircut, which at the same time will not interfere with the studies - it can be a braid or ponytail bump.
  3. Pick a nice clothes for a workout, make sure that that it was combined with the shoes.
  4. Do not use perfume before a workout! But antiperspirant necessarily have to be with you.
  5. Do not come to the gym with headphones in their ears - you look so cut off from the outside world.
  6. Take the trouble to learn the names of trainers and exercise, read about the training programs, so that you have something to talk with the athlete.

After a little training you will notice that the male part of the visitors pay attention to you when you, beautiful and vigorous, appears at the door of the gym. Now you can act!

5 ways to get acquainted with a man at the gym

Consider five of the most simple ways to get to know you like a man in a gym. If you consider that you obviously have a common interest, namely sport, it will be quite easy.

  1. Please help. What could be simpler than to ask a man who "accidentally" turned out to be close, to help you deal with the simulator or to clarify the difference between performance approach with straight or bent hands? .. The main thing is to do it yourself, it is easy, with a smile. But do not ask stupid questions, very few people will be impressed.
  2. "Have we met before?" Another option - you can thoughtfully crossed glances with his "victim", and then on occasion to step up and say, "Sorry. I'm looking at you, because it seems to me that we had met before. Now I wonder, since it or not. You did not come last week at such a concert? .. ". If we consider that in this case, you look lovely, certainly a man decides to continue the acquaintance, of course, if he is alone. In the end, you will be able to shake hands with him in the future and gradually establish communication.
  3. Eye Game. The easiest way - it's just time to time to glance in the direction of the man. Everything else will make your impeccable appearance and his joy over the fact that he liked you, you did not take his eyes from him. However, in this case it is important not to overdo it, and if you see that he does not seek to exchange glances with you, it is better not to continue.
  4. Friendly conversation. You can always in the gym to talk about how the blows from the window, or some interesting new simulator appeared, or which
    How to meet at the gym?
    the weather outside. Once close, do not be afraid to turn to a man with small talk - Sling few words and go to another trainer. Do not be obsessive, he caught your interest, and further steps will do it.
  5. "Sorry to get stuck ..." Another easy way - "accidentally" overhear the conversation handsome man with his friends, say, sports nutrition , and intervene: "I'm sorry, I can not help you there ... and overheard you tried it yourself? Now I just want to, and do not know whom to consult with ... ".

The main thing you need - a little bit of courage and self-confidence. Even a very slight hint of your interest can push a man to action.

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