Massage comb

Massage comb

Massage Comb - a regular brush with a rubber or wooden base and teeth made of wood, metal or plastic, the ends of which there is a small "droplets". It is well and neatly combed hair and does not harm the skin of the head and has a number of other advantages.

Benefits of massage comb

It is the "droplets" do comb massage. Coming into contact with the scalp, they gently massage it and uluchayut circulation. Regularly using it, you will:

  • remove dead skin particles;
  • activate the blood flow to the hairline;
  • normalize sebum.

Massage Comb smoothes fine hair and stimulates their growth. After its use, locks for a long time remain bright. In addition, these ridges prevents thinning and weakening of the hair. They should be changed often enough. Even if you think that all the teeth with "droplets" on the spot, upon close examination, you may find them microcracks. Use this brush is strictly prohibited, as it would damage the structure of curls.

Use massage comb for hair growth should be in the evening. After washing, the best combed only brush with wooden teeth. It does not injure the ends of damp hair.

What kind of massage comb choose?

Massage comb

The most popular and healthy head of hair comb massage are made of wood and plastic (battery-powered or conventional). Metal brush can damage the scalp and after use pushatsya locks and electrified .

Great for daily combing - Japanese massage comb. It has (you can adjust the length of their own) the special structure of the teeth. Dual teeth on a comb made of two kinds of flexible nylon. Due to this, it provides an accurate and effective massage combing hair of any type and length.

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