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callanetics home

Callanetics - this is one of the most modern and trendy fitness styles. We can say that in all Callanetics includes: aerobics, dance, yoga, and even martial arts. Classes Callanetics - a special set of statistical exercises that have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

What is Callanetics and how many calories are burned?

Callanetics - a kind of set of exercises that involve almost all muscle groups. As a rule, such exercises about 30. No intensive movements will not have to do, on the contrary, to perform all the exercises recommended at a calm pace.

Callanetics - a complete muscle training even at home, thanks to which the body can make ideal. Here it is impossible to get any injury, so Callanetics - this is the kind of exercise that is suitable even for beginners. Through regular exercise can significantly reduce their size, cause muscles to tone and build digestive process. Such training enables you to develop the muscles and make the female body beauty. Such training is not possible to build up the muscles and make them bulky, but it can be great to burn fat and make your figure slim. Here are combined isotonic and isometric exercise, the totality of which speeds up metabolism and significantly reduce the weight. The number of calories burned per hour classes - 310 kcal.

What are the differences and Pilates Callanetics?

Many who only thinks about what to do to give your figure a beautiful view, do not know what the differences are and Pilates Callanetics.

With Pilates can strengthen the muscles of the body, making them more flexible, to learn to control your breathing, relax and relax, so this kind of fitness is suitable for advanced athletes and beginners.

At the heart of Callanetics are yoga asanas that teach the muscles to contract and stretch. Initially callanetics was created for people with a good level of preparation.

A set of exercises:

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