What exercises are useless for weight loss?

What exercises are useless for weight loss?

Basically, all the women go to the gym, to get rid of excess weight . But sometimes training does not bring the desired result, and all because they do exercises that are completely useless for weight loss.

Reasons futility of exercises:

  • Exercise just does not fit a particular person;
  • athlete has a great level of muscle development;
  • exercise does not give the required load;
  • this exercise is simply not suited to this goal;
  • improperly performed exercises.

Example useless exercise

Mandatory cardio

To get rid of the extra kilos in training must be present cardio, often running or swimming. But many women are engaged in about half an hour so, and believe that this is enough, what is the main mistake. To the excess fat in the body start to burn it is necessary to spend on cardio for at least 40 minutes. Also during such loads is necessary to monitor the pulse. To lose the extra weight it should be between 120 to 140 beats per minute.

Abdominal exercises are useless for local slimming

Quite a lot of women think that if they swing the press, make sure you lose weight, but it's a false opinion as to get rid of fat in only one place is impossible, even if the swing it to a pulp. Abdominal exercises should be used to maintain the overall shape, so it will be enough to do 3 sets of 20 times. Repeat this complex can be 3 times a week.

Exercise can harm the figure

For example, all girls dream about a small waist, but there are exercises that can harm her. These include training for the oblique abdominal muscles. If you regularly perform such exercises, then after a while the waist just disappear. It is therefore advisable to carry out twisting and inclinations.

cellulite fight

Many women have this problem, and to get rid of it, they go to the gym. There, as many believe, to get rid of cellulite you need to choose a trainer for information and breeding feet. But to achieve the desired effect, you do not get, so it is best to perform squats with cargo, for example, the bar or dumbbells.

Common errors

The first error concerns people who are just starting to deal with. She is seeing that light exercise, a man tries to make his maximum number of times. After such sessions they feel terrible, and exercise more is not very desirable. The organism should receive the load gradually to get used to. The only way you will get the desired effect on employment.

Many people do exercise, even without understanding why it is needed, which muscles are involved, and most importantly, what results they bring. Therefore, before the start of training each exercise must be disassembled in such items:

  • for some groups of muscles is intended;
  • correct posture at each step;
  • breathing mode;
  • What exercises are useless for weight loss?
  • the number of repetitions;
  • how often to perform.

Power is not important, the main training. To get rid of the extra kilo or gain muscle mass is necessary not only for sports, but also follow the diet. For instance, people who gain muscle mass you need to be sure to eat protein for those who need to lose weight to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fats.

A lot of training is not the case. This is a misconception, because it does not bring the desired result, and only a detrimental effect on health. Let the body to rest and recover.

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