Fitness diet for weight loss

Fitness diet for weight loss

Women who do decide to lose weight and fitness, also need to adjust your diet. Specially for this, there is a fitness diet for weight loss, which is not strict, but stick to it very simple.

Pros and cons of diet fitness for girls

Each method of weight loss has its positive and negative sides, this option is no exception. The advantages of this method of weight loss is the fact that it:

  • It is beneficial to the body;
  • eliminates the feeling of hunger;
  • can significantly reduce not diet .

The main drawback of this diet is believed that you have to spend on the purchase of fresh and high-quality products that are more expensive than their low-grade analogue.

Fitness Diet for Women: Basic rules

  1. It is important to control the amount of food consumed. It is best to eat small meals and fractional.
  2. It is necessary to accurately follow all the recommendations on diet and not get bogged down.
  3. The daily menu should consist of dishes prepared from natural products only.
How to make up for a fitness diet for drying?

The basis of the daily menu, the formula is 4-3-2-1. Its meaning lies in the fact that each number represents a certain group of products and the number of servings.

  1. "4" group - foods that supply our body with the necessary protein needed to eat 4 servings per day. One of them could be: 160 g chicken breast, 210 grams of lean fish or seafood, 190 g fat-free yogurt, 6 egg whites.
  2. "3" group - foods that provide the body with dietary fiber, ie vegetables and fruit . Eat per day is necessary to 3 servings. Select from the following list one of servings: 300 grams of salad without dressing, 2 small apples, grapefruit or banana.
  3. "2" group - foods that supply your body with complex
    Fitness diet for weight loss
    carbohydrates. These include cereals and whole grain breads. All you need to eat 2 servings. Sample servings: 200 grams of boiled porridge, or 50 grams of bread.
  4. "1" group - foods that supply the body with beneficial fats. Every day, eat 30 grams of nuts, or tuck lettuce 2 tbsp. tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Here's a simple diet with fitness classes will help you feel great and is easy to lose those extra kilograms. Try to keep the menu was as diverse as possible, thanks to the number of breakdowns is minimized. If the desire to eat something sweet or fat is very strong, then once a week can afford serving favorite foods.

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