fitness program for girls

fitness program for girls

When it comes to losing weight, there is the world's more stubborn and strong-willed creatures than women. That is why, even without considering the option of laziness, failure and schlock, we encourage you to create your perfect body with us, building on the program of fitness for women.

What is the program?

To be beautiful and slender means to get rid of all its flaws (or at least strive to do so). For this purpose, a fitness training program for women includes:

  • cardio endurance and cardiovascular system for burning fat;
  • strength training with weights - for the purchase of the beautiful terrain;
  • exercises on the "problem areas" - adjust flaws locally.
What do I need to practice?

Our current program for fitness for girls requires you to at least inventory. You will need a mat or a sleeping pad for exercises on the floor, as well as a bag with a weight of 15 kg (you can replace it with two dumbbells) for sit-ups.

  1. Cardio - jumping from tearing the legs off the floor. Starting position - feet wider than shoulder width. Squat, drop the hands on the floor, repelled and bounce up. Then we descend down and repeat the jump. During the jump - exhale, dropping down - inhale.
  2. Push-ups - those who find it difficult on straight legs, perform push-ups on bent knees.
  3. Practising buttocks - steel on all fours, lift the bent leg upward. At the same time pay attention to the waist - it should not bend, and socks - they should pull over. Repeat on the other leg.
  4. Downloading press - sit on the floor with his hands up against the floor, legs bent. Feet leave the floor, and at the same time throwing back back, straighten the leg. Bending legs, and tightens the chest to the knees.
  5. Squats for the inner thighs - put on the shoulders of a complication in 15 kg. Feet in a wide stance, socks look vrozn, buttocks presses inside. Crouching, maximum spreads her legs to the side.
  6. This fitness program for women designed to perform at home, and is classified as interval training. Each exercise we perform for 30 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest between exercises.
  7. All the exercises are repeated three blocks, and the break between blocks is 1 minute.

With today's training, you will learn to tighten the inner thighs, pump up the press, strengthen the back, remove the tension from the spine, which is a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle.

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