Fitness Cindy Crawford

Fitness Cindy Crawford

Today, Cindy Crawford, 47 years old, and it is perhaps even slimmer than during the recording of the first fitness program, when she was twenty-odd. Children endless shooting, social activities, shows, and in spite of everything this woman has time to take care of yourself, because it is - her work. And we are looking for excuses to convince themselves that it is impossible to have the figure of a supermodel, being a woman of the earth ...

More than two decades ago, women passed each other fitness video with Cindy Crawford and somehow her program (all the same programs) relevant and popular today.


We will do a segment of the fitness program Cindy Crawford, which was created by her personal trainer for her, at that time the most demanded skills in Hollywood, Radu.

  1. We make a few deep breaths.
  2. Kneads the neck - a circular motion.
  3. Mahi hands back and forth.
  4. Making the circular rotation of the torso.
  5. The circular motion pelvis.
  6. Rolls from one foot to the other. Crouching low on the leg - stretch and repeat it in the second.
  7. Criss-crossing the legs, do the slope.
  8. Do 10 squats pli.
  9. Doing lunges forward with his right and left foot.
  10. Perform squats in a wide stance.
  11. We carry out attacks upr.9.
  12. Squatting in a narrow rack.
  13. Doing lunges from upr.9.
  14. Doing push-ups with your knees on the floor.
  15. Stretch your back.
  16. Doing push-ups with your hands turned inwards.
  17. Stretch your back.
  18. Doing push-ups with narrowly spaced arms.
  19. Stretch your back.
  20. Lie on the floor, doing 20 lifts housing.
  21. We provide full upgrades, stretching out his arms.
  22. Put your right foot on the left knee, left elbow drawn to the right knee. Change legs and do the exercises in the right hand.
  23. Put your hands under your buttocks, and threw a dynamic half-bent legs to the head.
  24. Hands up against the floor, lift your pelvis and execute short climbs, leaps in a row.
  25. Pressed against his knees to chest, relaxing press. We ride on his back with his knees pressed to his chest.
  26. Dilute knees sitting on the floor, we reach for toes.

Cindy Crawford indulges in pasta and white bread, walks with children hiking and bypasses by dumbbell. After having children, she realized that fitness - this is not a grueling running on a treadmill after which you can lay down to sleep, and a source of energy that will give strength to the education of children. This is how the program Cindy Crawford fitness after childbirth, in which the top model got rid of the effects of pregnancy with the female fans on the other side of the screen. That woman shines with beauty and health, and is zhivim proof that if you really try, and try on a regular basis, all you get!

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