Home fitness

Home fitness

The most realistic and affordable way to lose weight is exercise at home. The popularity of home fitness began, perhaps, with a videotape of a well-known models, offering us to do their «everyday routine» together on the other side of the screen.

Today fitness exercises at home have acquired a completely different form, semi-professional. Every second woman is an expert on fitness, having tried everything possible - from martial arts to ballroom dancing. Such fanaticism inclines our thoughts to what is perhaps the fitness activities at home will never lose its relevance, at least as long as women tend to look at 100 (not years, and millions).


We suggest you perform a home fitness exercise to improve the forms of the hips and legs.

  1. Feet shoulder width apart, knees relaxed, half-bent, belly tucked up, his shoulders straightened. We do poluprisedaniya as if you sit in a chair, but not completely. During the sit-ups take out your hands forward for a better balance. Do 16 times.
  2. Inhaling and exhaling.
  3. Keep your left leg back, right leg bent, left straight. Rise up on your toes, unscrew the hips forward and doing squats, lifting the heel of the back foot. Now we are rectified, squat on the back foot - straighten the front leg, bend the back. We stretch the hamstring. Putting your feet together, hands on her hips up against, rounding the back returns to the position on straight legs.
  4. Now change legs and perform the previous exercise to the other side.
  5. SP - feet together, bends his right leg to the side, squat, back in the SP. Taps left leg to the side, squat, back in the SP. Do 16 times.
  6. Perform the same squatting, but linger in the squat, making three small squat. Since home fitness can not do without exercise for weight loss, you just have to perform these pulsing squats, which can not burn all the fat on such problem, the female hips. Makes 8 times.
  7. Delivers the left foot forward, the other side, on tiptoes, bent. The right leg is retracted - leg straight, kept on your toes. We return to the SP - leg bent. Belly tucked up, arms in front of him. Repeat 8 times and change legs.
  8. Make a previous sit-ups just to the side.
  9. Making Set - 4 times alternate double squats diverting leg back and to the side, eight times back and do sit-ups to the side once.
  10. Shaken up.
  11. Keep the right leg half-bent front, left laid back and straightened. Bend your left leg and go down, touching the floor with his knee. On the right leg keeping body weight. We carry out 8 times in the leg.
  12. Complicates the task: the squat linger in the squat for three small sit-ups, then we rise, we reduce the legs together and return the leg back squat.
  13. Now we do squats with a step - fulfill previous exercise without small, pulsing squats only in connection with IP legs. To complicate you can pick up a dumbbell or raise on the rise bent knee back foot.

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